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  1. Do the titans even have anyone else on the roster to spread the ball to?
  2. Davis officially out. Who is firing him up? I’m tempted. [...]
  3. Will he get carries? This post implies he won’t get carries?
  4. He’s gotta eat against a putrid giants secondary, right?
  5. Serious. Anyone have thoughts on the workload this week? Seems like he’s had plenty of time to get healthy? 60/40 split in favor of DJ, with the majority of passing work?
  6. Didn’t catch the game today. Saw he got a ton of running yards, but also fumbled. Duke also vultured a 1 yard TD it looks like?
  7. Just traded for the guy. Love his remaining schedule sans the Eagles matchup. Have to start him anyway though. If Nagy had a brain at all, he’d see that a balance offensive attack will pay dividends. Hoping for 13-15 carries, a couple grabs and a chance at a touchdown this week.
  8. Probably gamesmanship from Big Red. I thought I read TH has a final evaluation with the doctors today. If that final evaluation results in him being held out, wouldn't they have to disclose that, today?
  9. So far he’s meeting expectation. 3/4 RB, flex and bye week filler. So far so good.
  10. Good points. His supporting cast sucks.
  11. This guy has been a bust for fantasy. Flat out. What are the odds a RB takes the plunge into the end zone 4 times in one game. FML.
  12. Fumblitis is a tough condition to cure. Carson is in the dog house, big time. He really needs to focus on ball security or he’ll be out of a starting job as soon as next week.
  13. Chris has a major case of the fumble fingers!
  14. Didn’t Kenbrell Thompkins have a decent rookie year?
  15. I think he finishes on the IR this year.
  16. This guy is waiver wire fodder. Nothing more.
  17. lol... I thought this guy was supposed to take over the Lions backfield?
  18. No faster way to get benched or lose your job than fumbling the ball. Very concerning for Carson owners.
  19. Not damning news, but pretty crappy. Hopefully we see this guy back in 4 weeks. He appears to be a physical freak, so hopefully he heals freakishly fast. Will suck to waste a roster spot on him for 4+ weeks. At least he should be back before the bye weeks kick in.