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  1. That team has pending keepers already: I'm editing them right now.
  2. That team was taken already, unfortunately. But, there is another team that just dropped an owner. I sent you an invite to that team.
  3. ^above hasn't joined. Still need one more, first come, first serve!
  4. and sent. Let me know if you did not receive the espn inv email. Our keepers do lock tomorrow night, but since you just got in, you can send me an email, and I can fix those for ya after the lock. If ya have any questions, please ask on our message board, or in an email to me through espn, and I'll help ya as much as I can.
  5. Not perfectly fitting your needs, but I have a free espn keeper league with 7 idp's. We're entering our fourth year, need one more owner, and draft Saturday. Settings: Team:
  6. update: bell and scrubs taken, brit blitz still needs an owner. contact me, first come, first serve!
  7. Hi guys, we're entering our fourth season, and just need a pair of replacement owners. We draft the Saturday before the season starts. Our league uses some idp's, and an auction draft. our league settings: and the two teams available: If you are interested, let me know. It's first come, first serve. I will need an email for espn to send the invite link. You can post your interest below, or send a dm.
  8. I'm sorry, the league is full at the moment, somas. I will let you know if we do receive an opening.
  9. update: one spot has opened up, here's the team available: as always, first come, first serve.
  10. Update We still have one expansion spot open, first come, first serve. You get the chance to select your keepers from any free agent, or unprotected players from the other teams as well.
  11. Yeah, the draft is the same, but you have a different keeper lock date. Every team from last year can keep up too 3 players, 1 goalie max. Their lock date will be like the tuesday before the draft. The two expansion teams will have a later date, like the Thursday before the draft. You will be able to keep 3 players (1 goalie max) that are free agents, or any player that was not kept from any of the other teams. You just message me, I want x player, from y team, and i should be able to add them to your roster and give them to you as a keeper. You can even pick up free agents now, to protect them from being kept by other teams, or use them for a trade or something.
  12. well, that team is now taken, but i have decided to add two expansion team. This will bring our league up from 10-12. I sent one out to TJH, and you Tyler. Please let me know if you still did not receive it, and verify if you gave me the right email address.
  13. I'm sorry, we did fill that spot. We are still waiting on one last member to check in. If you're willing to wait, i will give you our next spot available.