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  1. When I heard that KAT's mom had COVID-19 through a friend, I went on a rant about how it's unfair that all these NBA people are getting tested even though all the players testing positive are asymptomatic, yet regular people are dying from the virus bc they aren't getting tested or treated bc they're symptoms are too "mild" or they don't have all of the symptoms (e.g. they can't breathe but they don't have a fever so they're denied a test). However, I just saw his mom is in a coma (induced?) and it was reported yesterday that his dad tested positive also. That's a really tough situation for anybody to be in no matter how much money you have.
  2. Cmon Wall, get back this year and do the damn thang
  3. TF happened today? Is Wiggins running the point or something?
  4. Could Spellman compete with Hernangomez for the starting job? He's also big with range. Idk about his defense tho.
  5. Possessiona don't occur in a vacuum tho. If the Lakers pound the Rockets with PNR, RoCo and PJ will get into foul trouble and the Rockets become less effective if they don't play 5 guys above the 3. Either the paint will be clogged by a non-shooting big or they'll move the big out and he can be left unguarded. Off the Lakers went away from the AD/LBJ PNR and went small. 1) they don't want to overuse their best weapon in the regular season 2) they need Kuzma to figure it out (though I think Morris would've been a big get for them. Who cares about the future when you got LBJ and AD and can potentially win 2-3-4? championships if you play your cards right? They should've gotten Elfrid too, it would've been a guaranteed championship). Warriors did the same thing with their death lineup Rockets would be smart to give Caboclo a lot of run. If they keep this up, they wear themselves out before long.
  6. Idk man, before he went to Portland and got injured. But maybe I'm confusing how good he was IRL vs Fantasy.
  7. Likely 0% chance, but is it possible Iggy plays 25-30 minutes with the Heat?
  8. Harkless, if he assumes Marcus Morris' role in NYK? Harkless was a top-40 guy not long ago.
  9. Why did the Grizzlies trade for Dieng? What's the point?
  10. Some guys that are likely to be traded and could be good stashes: Bobby Portis or any other center to the Rockets, though it looks like they're close to getting TT (Lord knows how). DJJ or Duncan Robinson if the heat do trade for Gallinari. Senkou Doumbuya could be an add since it looks like Markieff Morris will be traded. Idk who else is a trade candidate that's both good and possibly on the waiver wire.
  11. So going into day 2, are there even any good pickups? Burks will prob get dropped quickly but could have sneaky value if he's the first guy off the bench. Parker might be a good stash, if he gets minutes over Bjelica. Opportunity is there with Bagley out for a few weeks. Hernangomez will get minutes but prob won't do anything with them. Winslow will get opportunities but he's never healthy. Hartenstein isn't getting played.
  12. Don't you think they would've kept him out if he was on the verge of getting traded?