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  1. Up to "5 on 5s" now. Anyone else feel like he's shooting for around the ASB? Even though they're (reporters, Rotoworld forum users) saying that it's unlikely that he comes back, there is a lot of unofficial updates for it not to mean anything.
  2. Iggy is irrelevant in fantasy. Collison not available to add in Yahoo despite the rumors. Can't stash. ------------ Jabari Parker to the Lakers.
  3. You guys should see: 2019 Anthony Davis 2018-2019 Season Outlook. Don't have him but glad it's McRae szn.
  4. Is this guy a good stash? Haven't heard ANY rumors about any teams being interested in him, but the Hawks are treating him as if they're going to trade him. I haven't heard even seen him being included in the other Hawks' trade rumors for Drummond or Adams. Parker makes sense for a ton of teams. I'm not the foremost NBA expert but I feel like he could work for the Magic, Portland, Lakers... Man idk, but a lot of teams could use a guy with size, playmaking abilities, and shooting.
  5. Never hated a good waiver add so much lol. Too good to drop but you know Each good game could be your last.
  6. So you guys think he'll play Sunday vs Utah?
  7. How do you guys think playing with Nurk vs Whiteside affects Lillard?
  8. But IIRC, Covington wasn't getting listed questionable and doing shoot-arounds before the game, was he? From a fast perspective, I hope you're right. Dieng has been balling in my points league since taking over for KAT so I would like to keep that party going.
  9. I joked when I compared him to Fultz's situation but I wonder if something similar is going on. It's been like three months and they still feel the need to say that no surgery is needed but he hasn't even started practicing. Could be some nerve issue and that Kyrie and the nets want to try to fix it through PT and massage.
  10. Yeah, at least not now. But I had AD last year and he was still valuable last year, just went from #1 to a top 30-40 player. If his situation does in fact deteriorate and KAT suffers a mystery injury like this one without a set timeline, and it costs him 2-3 weeks, it could frustrate owners and you maybe you could get him for a 40-50 guy.
  11. 💯 As it becomes more obvious that they're not a playoff team, they'll shut him down or do what the Pels did with AD. Even if he doesn't get traded in the off-season, playing him doesn't do anything for either party. They'd be better off with a better pick and developing the guys already on the roster. They have a bunch of young guys with potential.
  12. so you're saying BOLO for PGII after the ASB?