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  1. This guy drops some tantalizing lines. He's been close to top 100 the last two weeks and has bumped up the FG% to 40% during that period. The threes and steals can be sick, if he keeps improving that percentage he looks like a very nice final two month play, especially if they keep giving him the minutes/shots, because he's supremely talented. On BBM he's been ranked 101 over the last 2 weeks.
  2. He's awesome when Dray is out, but I don't trust Kerr at all whatsoever.
  3. Denver is a tough defensive team, especially for young players. hes been in double digits with some sexy lines almost every game this month, we can give him a pass. Still came out with two threes and a block, and most importantly played 27 min despite playing poorly.
  4. If you've committed to him this late, you stay the path until the deadline, do not budge, do not drop. We're just a couple weeks away from the trade deadline, Drummond could be gone by this week and you may drop him just a day before, you never know between now and then. He's been a top 76 play over the last week and top 95 over the last two weeks averaging 47%, 84%, 9.5 / 6.8 / .8 / .7 / 1.7 and .7 threes in just 17 minutes. Those are just disgusting per minute numbers. You move Drummond, they go full rebuild, Casey's hand is forced, zero competition with a clear path to minutes with Drummond out of the way and them lacking talent (as long as they don't get back an above average big that will compete with him for PT, but I still think he'll supersede whoever comes back), and you're looking at an absolute stud. There is a lot of reason for the warranted hype, but everyone is waiting for what should be when not if Drummond moves.
  5. He’s not a drop. You don’t wait months for a guy to come back from an injury just to drop him 3 games into his return. If you’re desperately fighting for the playoffs then it’s up to you, otherwise, he’ll be on someone else’s team in two weeks from now when his minutes restriction is lifted and he’s the starting center getting big double doubles while you regret dropping him. The wizards are invested in his development, not 33 year old mahinmi.
  6. the FT hit of 0 attempts in his last four games and 1.3 attempts over the last two weeks. Negligible, complete non issue.
  7. The other day someone called him a streamer and I wrongfully said he’s much more than that, boy what a letdown. A 9-33 team, but we need to teach young players lessons.
  8. You're correct in theory, but in practice it rarely works like that because many times streamers **** the bed with terrible lines. This is theoretically true if you hit your streamers at a high percentage. There's value to both, I've been streaming heavily across 2-3 roster spots all year and I'm sitting in 2nd because the accumulation of stats helps me win, but at some point I also want to let my roster settle with high ranked players so I don't have to worry about it anymore, and those waiver wire pickups start to look less alluring as the year goes on since the talent drops off with your league's parity.
  9. Maybe, but let's see it first. You develop young players by letting them play and learn against top talent, not by sticking them on the bench and hiding them away from competition. Jaren Jackson is a prime example. They'll only learn by playing, not by baby gloves treatment (Wood/Casey).
  10. I have no idea what Kerr is doing. This team sucks, just develop your young talent, why are you pretending like you still need to matchup to win?
  11. It's hard to answer that because he wasn't as good when KAT was healthy. He's really flourished recently since he's been given minutes to work up his confidence. Teague is being phased out completely. Now would be the time to grab him. What has kept people from grabbing him have been his percentages, but he's shooting over 50% for over a week now and he's ironing out his issues at the line as well (plus the attempts are so low its really a non factor). The defensive stats plus threes are very intriguing, and having him and Melton in my lineup really helps supplement my bigs. I love catalyst guards who can give you 1/1/1 production along with your wings. If anything, having KAT will only make it easier with better spacing, more cut options where he'll get the ball when he dives from a KAT post up pass or high post pass, and he 's a catch and shoot guy from three, so he'll get more opportunities there as well. I actually think it makes him even more appealing.