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  1. for those keeping track at home - he's deleted his social media (didn't follow him so unsure if it was used much or not). I hope for the sake of his mental health he has a good support system.
  2. FMLLLLLLL started Josh Allen over Brees. that's how my season is ending.
  3. i'll have to agree with the crowd here. sit Sutton.
  4. full PPR...pick two. right now i have Ertz and Julio. Ertz vs NYG Hooper vs CAR Julio Jones vs CAR WHIR.
  5. he's like the opposite of Doug Baldwin. Baldwin went off at the end of some seasons and helped many win some championships.
  6. he was out there for 88% of the offensive snaps 86% vs PHI 72% vs SF plenty of time out there to get some looks. flu or no flu.
  7. In one league, need 34 from Cooks and Lockett in full PPR to secure a spot in the playoffs. In another, up by 24 .5 PPR and I need Diggs to get some decent points and hope his Cooks and Cousins doesn't go off. At least have Diggs and Cooks go off to help my 1st league.
  8. it's Thanksgiving muh bros. no one wants to practice today.
  9. it's Tuesday muh du.......OMG they play Thursday!
  10. we'll all sit him and dudes going to rush 23/100+ with 2TD'S right?