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  1. I'd probably take the dart throw on Hockenson. Your WRs look better than TE.
  2. This Gurley situation has me in a bind and I've gotten roll with White (put Gurley in my flex for last minute bench, if needed). I'm just hoping with Gordon being gone, maybe they'll use White more.... PLEASE.
  3. anybody using Fitz in Week 15 or is he just a desperation play?
  4. I'm hot and heavy for Kelce next year. Went Gronk this year (early 3rd round in both leagues) and it's been a disaster. It's so nice just locking in a top TE (Kelce) and never having to deal with it. I had Kelce two years ago and it was glorious. Kittle is tempting too.. The Eagles scare me right now...
  5. Same. I currently have Jackson in... Wentz burned me bad on that New Orleans game and I can't get it out of my head..
  6. Anybody staring Jackson today? I'm scared..
  7. Wow. You guys need to make some kind of Ms. Congeniality trophy or something for him.
  8. Seriously man. Are people honestly thinking of cutting him? This dude has been a perfect WR2 with WR1 upside (1/2 ppr). I will probably play him weeks 15 & 16 (bye this week) in a 12 team league.. there's just nothing available out there even close to his talent & upside on waivers.. or on my bench.. =(
  9. Yep. I totally agree. Kinda poor timing.. Looks like I'll be rolling with a struggling Wentz over Lamar this week.
  10. Man. This dude has been killing it for me with Gronk being down this year. Best of luck all you OJ owners trying to grab Brate...
  11. I would probably do the deal. I've had Gurley all year and it's been the most enjoyable ride of my fantasy football career (okay.. last year with him was pretty awesome too). He just dominates like nobody else. You're 6-4.. and already in the playoffs.. your team needs a spark. Do it! Have fun and let us know what you decide. I do think you'd have to trade a RB, if you get Gurley, to help your WRs a bit.
  12. Depends.. RW was dropped in a competitive league where I'm in first with Big Ben, but I grabbed RW just for injury insurance and to keep him from other teams. Most teams have 2 QB rostered so waivers are thin. I had a bench spot available, so it works for me.
  13. Traded? That's impressive. I dropped him and it feels great.
  14. Same situ and I'm rolling with Sutton this week. Hoping that Denver's bye week helped them get Sutton more involved. I think Fitz has a pretty safe PPR floor though.