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  1. James White. I know AJ Brown is out, but I just think TE in the flex is such a crapshoot. Help?
  2. I like Chark and Fuller for the upside over Gordon. I have Gordon in one league and just don't see him going off against the Steelers D. Help?
  3. Not great options here. I think your hope is that KC puts up a ton of points and TT has to try and keep up by slinging it. I'd roll with him, but understand if you want to roll with Haskins.
  4. I don't think it's worth dropping anyone for Scotty as Godwin should be back next week/soon. I'd roll with J Smith.
  5. I agree on dropping Baker for Big Ben. Also think him or Stafford are the ROS plays too. Help?
  6. 1: Ingram 2: Watkins or Latavius depending if you are looking for higher ceiling (Watkins) or lower floor (Latavius). Help?
  7. I like the upside of all three guys you'd be getting over the ones you give up. I do think it's a bit early to give up on Conner, but I think you upgrade at the other positions with Cam having some good super flex potential as the season progresses.
  8. .5 PPR. Need to start 2 out of these 3 guys. Currently sitting McLauren since he's going up against Patrick Peterson and hasn't had a strong target share to date. DJ Chark @ Titans Diontae Johnson v Broncos Terry McLauren @ Cardinals
  9. I'd roll with Joshua Kelley, but with Godwin out Miller is a decent play also. I just don't trust Djax personally. Help?
  10. Dak! You've got two great matchups, but the difference for me is that Dallas will have to keep scoring until the end to beat Atlanta, while the Bills could possibly put this game away somewhat early and focus on the run late. Help?
  11. Yes, I'd make this trade. You're QB situation is rough and starting RBs are very strong. It's tough to give up that RB depth, but it will definitely bolster your WR position and QB1. Curious if there is a WW/FA QB that you could grab that's comparable. Help?
  12. I like Anthony Miller over both, but the order is Anthony > Scotty > Parker. Help?
  13. Lockett and Allen. Campbell has a lot of upside, but I think Allen will give you enough in a game where LAC will have to try and throw it to keep up with KC. Help?