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  1. Perriman and Chark. Edelman and then Mostert. I don't love any RB against Patriots D. Help?
  2. I'd go Perriman here. Love his ceiling. Thanks for mine!
  3. Yeah good point. I need to go big as I've lost Chris Godwin and the guy I'm playing has Lamar Jackson and has been eviscerating other opponents.
  4. I'd go Jones and Sanders. I like Mostert (especially in more PPR driven leagues) but that backfield can be difficult to project week-to-week. Help? You know the other guys will get their touches. Y
  5. Boone and Mostert. I would go Gurley but don't love the matchup with 49ers run D. Help?
  6. Woods is the odd man out in this group. Solid options, good luck. Help?
  7. I would go Washington even though I think Perriman has a high upside for TDs. Help?
  8. Wish I could prove you wrong, but I actually agree. Even without Evans and Godwin I think Winston will air it out against the Texans D in the dome. I like the environment and matchup better than Brees against the Titans D. Help?
  9. I'd go Boone and Woods with Woods having a slight edge over Conner. Deebo isn't in the discussion for me. Help?
  10. I know Fuller is hit or miss, but I'd go with him. His ceiling is massive compared to the others. Help?
  11. .5 PPR. Need to start 2/4 (1 WR2 and 1 FLEX). WHIR. AJ Brown v Saints Keenan Allen v Raiders Raheem Mostert v Rams Breshad Perriman v Texans
  12. I have Rodgers starting in one league and Tannehill in another...I wish I could start Tannehill in both. Go Tanny. Help?
  13. Tough choices after Conley. I'd go Conley and Perriman. If you are too nervous about Winston then Hurns.
  14. If .5-1 PPR then Parker and OBJ. If standard then Parker and White. Help?
  15. I give Jimmy G the slightest of edges. Think he has more weapons and a better play caller. Help?
  16. .5 PPR. Need to start one of the following in my RB2 spot. Currently leaning Mostert. Raheem Mostert vs. Falcons Patrick Laird @ Giants
  17. In a full PPR league I'd go Jones here. I know the game plan is sometimes hit or miss with him but he's got the greater upside here IMO. Help?
  18. Crazy to say, but I'd also go Fitz here. Good matchup against the Jets and Brady looks like a shell of himself. Help?
  19. Tough matchup with Drake against Pit's D but I'd still roll with him. Help?
  20. With the consistency of Hunt's targets I'd go with him against a below average Cincy D. Help?
  21. Wentz and then Tannehill. Even with potential rain I've got Wentz over Tannehill. Help?
  22. Ridley has the higher upside here while I think Hunt has the higher floor. I'd go Ridley here. Help?