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  1. Thanks to a little research and this thread I started Damien last night and enjoyed 23 standard points. I went from Gordon to Eckeler to gulp.. Jordan Howard. Dumped Howard for Williams and I'm on my way..Still have Zeke and Chubb to go..
  2. LOL Is it bad luck to take him out of my lineup since I haven't lost since I put him in? Can Chubb lead me to victory even on a bye week?
  3. Yes he will but he's never making up the 14 he lost this year. He'll do fine financially, but not as well as he thinks and he'll likely be on a crap team. Good luck to him.
  4. Bell isn't going to make up the $14 mil he lost, and he isn't going to get the Gurley like deal he expects. He will end up on a team like the Jets or Raiders, get his butt handed to him behind a crap line and realize the huge mistake he made. Pittsburgh has one of the best OL in football. He's going to find out how much of his success was behind those guys. As a Steelers fan I am glad he didn't show. As an owner playing against a guy with Conner this week I wish he would have shown. LOL
  5. I have Wilson so I'm not starting Fitz, but the Bucs would be stupid to put Winston on the field. They can cut him without owing him a dime, unless he gets hurt, then they are stuck with the 21 million option they picked up for 2019. Winston has poor judgement on and off the field. He will never live up to his potential, and I really hate to say it, but I think he's had his best NFL days, and they weren't that good.
  6. ROS- Cook, Kerryon or Mack? I put them in order of what I think.
  7. ROS- Cook, Kerryon or Mack? I put them in order of what I think.
  8. I'm fine with it, for some reason the league isn't. Maybe math makes their head hurt.
  9. So if fractional scoring is off, 3 catches for 0 yards would show as 1 point in scoring? Would not get additional points until 4 catches (2 points)?
  10. The league voted for PPR not fractional. Yes or no will .5 points show in the scoring?
  11. If I set my league for 0.5 PPR, will the scoring show .5 points, without fractional points enabled? TY