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  1. S Korea is a pretty good example of why we should be taking it seriously. They are already experiencing shortages in hospital capacity and they have about twice the hospital beds per capita as the US. The lack of nuance in this whole issue is crazy. It doesn’t have to be this binary “it’s just like the flu” or “omg the apocalypse”. It should be taken really seriously and actively managed because you can’t have an illness spread exponentially and get everyone sick at once. That’s why you cancel SXSW, sporting events etc.
  2. 9 cat total value rank: 3rd for the season 1st over last 2 months
  3. Clears waivers this afternoon. Detroit gets priority if they want him.
  4. I don’t know if this is worth it, but since you’re into numbers and statistics... A. Seems like we can agree the flu is bad. It costs billions of dollars per year and as you’ve pointed out, a lot of people die B. There are some varying estimates depending on situation, but from current evidence, let’s assume coronavirus death rate is at least equal to the flu. C. R0 for the flu is about 1.3. Current R0 estimates for coronavirus are around 2-2.3, so significantly more transmissible D. There is a vaccine for the flu and even with a vaccine CDC says around 8% of the population still gets it each year. The flu has a predictable seasonal cycle. So, probably higher fatality rate, higher transmission rate, no vaccine, and we have no idea how it is going to change seasonally. Seems like probably worth making efforts to minimize impact. Will some people overreact? Would a lot of other diseases spreading at this rate be a hell of a lot worse? Sure, but seems kinda dumb to laugh off global pandemic just because you don’t like some people or outlets that are saying it’s serious.
  5. It’s not the apocalypse but it’s a pretty different situation from the flu. Let’s say you’re a 30 year old dude getting cancer treatment. You can get a flu shot and have a pretty good chance of not dying when you’re exposed to the flu. If you’re exposed to a new virus like this in a pandemic situation, it’s a different ballgame. If it doesn’t end up too bad it’ll be because it’s taken seriously and proactively managed. Going the “lol it’s just like the flu” route as a society prob not very smart.
  6. We have a flu vaccine and things in place to manage the flu.
  7. Just cause they’re there doesn’t mean they’re competing for minutes. Dieng probably doesn’t play.
  8. People don’t realize Drummond sucks IRL and was likely gone anyway
  9. Wut most moves happen at the last minute
  10. They get a first rounder + for guys that were out the door. Other aspect for Denver is Capela-Harden PnR has destroyed them and they just helped move Capela out of the conference.
  11. He was top ~50 per game (top ~35-40 total) three years in a row taking 7 or 8 shots per game and scoring 10ppg.
  12. not like they need to trade Dlo to be bad at this point.
  13. Warriors are so terrible there isn’t even an add
  14. Jokic’s line in last years home opener vs Ayton: 35/12/11/4/1 with three 3s, perfect 11/11 from the floor. One of his best games of the year.