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  1. I'm interested in the rams if still there. If not then dolphins and then colts last but would take them.
  2. I would love to join this league. I'll take the warriors or the nets or whoever is open really.
  3. If there's still an opening I'd take it. I've been commish of my own league for 8 years and playing for over 15
  4. Free 24 Team Dynasty League starting with the 40 man roster from your chosen MLB Team (40 man will be set the week of the draft). We will have have a 15 round draft of both MLB and MiLB from the unclaimed teams and non-40 man rosters. We will have 2 drafts in the offseason. The first being a 10 round new player draft that will consist of the players that signed in the MLB draft and the international signed players. No unsigned players can be rostered. The second draft will be a Rule 5 draft. This rule 5 draft, be very similar to the real rule 5 where you can only draft players if you have room on your 40 man roster and any player taken must stay on your MLB roster or be offered back to the original owner. Then before each season you will select 20 MLB keepers (releasing 5 MLB players. Your minor league roster will still be protected) and we will have a 5 round draft. The goal of this draft is to keep more competitive balance. The goal will be to keep as much information on Fantrax as possible. If It turns out that Fantrax can’t hold all of the information will use pro boards Link to league - You can join here -