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  1. Chiefs D if available... next 3 weeks: Broncos, Jets, Panthers
  2. maybe if he clears waivers. But no way in hell would I waste a waiver claim on him. He sucked the first game of the year, his team sucks, his owner sucks, the only one not sucking is the guy he'll be competing for touches with, AP.
  3. Dropped him. Bye weeks are making the roster slim and he's done nothing to indicate he has any value
  4. Picked him up off the wire. Figured a #1 option on a team thats always behind is at least promising compared to what else is there. Just hope he strings together a couple solid weeks and then look to package him for an upgrade somewhere else on my roster
  5. Ya that was my thought too. Breida doesnt really do too much. And he has Henry, Gurley and Chubb..
  6. I would try and counter with an RB instead of MVS. Looks like you could use some RB help, but if not I would still accept that trade. You have other flex options if you lose juju, but mahomes is the #1 qb. help with mine?
  7. I get Breida, he gets Andrews. ESPN standard league. I'm about to be 1-3 and could use some RB help. But does Breida really help me that much? Record 1-2 QB: Wilson RB (2): Kamara, Michel, Drake, J Williams WR (2): Evans, Lockett, Woods, Jones JR TE: Engram, Andrews
  8. Anyone starting? Im thinking about it in PPR if Kerryon doesnt play. ESPN has him at 6.9 right now which seems low to me? Maybe im just optimistic
  9. This seems like an even trade for me. Just learn from it and make sure settings are up to date next year so people can't exploit them
  10. Giants should be able to force some turnovers from Sanchize. They performed great against Chicagos backup. But the broncos probably have more talent and a higher ceiling. Broncos > giants for me mine?
  11. Kittle, Samuel, Humpries, Godwin. If samuel replaces connors workload, you have to love that. mines?
  12. If Samuels gets the start, you have to start him. That opportunity is too good. Him, Jones and Michel are what i would do. mine?
  13. Lineup looks good so far. Only one I could argue is Ware vs Michel. Ware has a higher floor than michel imo but they have similar ceilings. mine?
  14. tbh I had to look up who the hell dan arnold is. Why are you considering him? If you're worried that the bears spread the ball, NO does that times 10. Arnolds floor is extremely low (2-3pts) and his ceiling is not nearly as high as burtons. The rams do not have a good linebacker core (compared to their DEs and CBs) which is who would be covering burton. Burton is also gonna be in a good game script seeing how chicago will likely be playing from behind and throwing. I say all this favoring burton but watch arnold score 10 and burton 2. Thats just part of fantasy.