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  1. @SenatorSpaceman sorry, was away. Any waiver wire pickup is considered a 5th rounder for this year. I traded Mahomes and DJ and moved up to 4th in the draft this year. I got a 6th rounder and moved up to 7 from 9 an 8 from 10. So not too bad of a haul. So in the end I kept Woods, CMC and Williams. Thanks for the help!
  2. I am 8th slot this year and am keeping CMC (2nd round), while Saquon and Kamara are being kept as well. The rest of the first rounders minus Adams are available. I get to keep 3 players and they are kept with their last years round drafted. I have: DJ (1st), D. Williams (5th), Mahomes (11th), Woods (8th) and CMC (2nd) I think I should go CMC, Mahomes and Williams to max value but DJ could be nice to have. Thoughts?
  3. I have a team that is very light on teams with 12 or 11 games in the playoffs. Should I be looking to make some trades based on what I have? My strategy is to win FT%, 3PM, PTS, REB, BLK. My team is built to do so. The league is a 14 teamer, 9 cats H2H. Z Lavine (CHI 9) T Hardaway (DAL 10) K Huerter (ATL 9) T Ross (ORL 9) N Vucevic (ORL 9) J Lamb (CHA 10) L Nance (CLE 11) M Robinson (NYK 9) KAT (MIN 9) J Harris (BRK 9) Otto (CHI 9) T Harris (PHI 9) Bench fodder
  4. With Spencer Ware doubtful, who would you start? This would be my FLEX spot
  5. Doing really well with my team other than LeVert getting hurt that put a bit of a damper. I ended up drafting the best FT%, PTS, 3PM and REB team in the league so far totals wise. LaVine T. Ross McGruder Hardaway Porter Jr. Joe Harris KAT Muscala Vucevic T. Harris L. Nance Jr M. Bamba J. Lamb C. LeVert
  6. I think it all comes down to how good you think Porter can get back to. I as well have him and am holding but I am no so confident that this is going to turn around as the Wizards are a complete ****show. Although he does fit your team build well and Brogdon and Batum are replaceable. So its up to you, maybe as for a little more and you should be good
  7. I would try and do the trade you are saying but if not I still would accept whiteside for Butler.
  8. Would take the Payton side, but it also depends on the team build you have. Also Reggie, is that jackson?
  9. Someone offered me Jokic and Tucker for LaVine and T. Harris. I think I lose that trade but passing up on Jokic is tough. Reason is I have a punt AST team so he doesnt really make up for it with everything else. My team is below: Z. Lavine T. Ross R. McGruder T. Hardaway O. Porter Jr J. Harris KAT L. Nance Jr N. Vucevic J. Lamb T. Harris M. Muscala IR: C. Levert Any thoughts? Other notables on the other guys team is: C. Paul, L. Williams, J. Tatum, W. Cauley-Stein
  10. Keep Bell, not even a question
  11. I would go for Kamara if possible as you clearly have the need. I think he should pick it up down the stretch and has the higher cieling. Help?
  12. Dont think you really need him as you have good RBs but not much WR depth