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  1. I find it incredible that Diggs has 6 or more grabs in 9 of 10 games this year, with the outlier being a 4 catch performance in week 3 against the Rams. DK Metcalf on the other hand, has eclipsed that 4 catch mark only 3 times all year.
  2. You're definitely right about the Steelers and maybe the 49ers, though volume shouldn't be a problem for Gibson in that second game. In general, I have no interest in starting a RB against PIT, LAR, NO, IND, TB, BAL, CHI, and maybe SF. But in what world is a home game against Seattle's 28th ranked scoring defense a tough matchup? They've given up a rushing TD in every game this year, including 8 in their last 4 games. And should we be overlooking Gibson's Week 16 matchup against Carolina, or is that week not important? Week 15 and 16 should yield nice results for AG owners, and at least for me, those are the only weeks I really care about.
  3. He could miss a game and still reach 45 grabs.
  4. TDs are not "flukey and unpredictable". You see the teams that score the most? Or the QBs that throw more touchdowns than the others? The receivers playing on those teams and with those QBs are gonna be the ones to score most often. Easy peasy. Narrowing it down further, the jump-ball athletes, breakaway speedsters, or guys built like RBs, are more likely to score in situations others cannot. Better yet, look at redzone playcalling and success rates. Coaches who can trust their QBs (and wideouts for that matter) to take care of the ball on a short field are the ones more likely to call pass plays in the redzone. None of these things are working in Jakobi's favor. He plays for a team that scores very little (<18 points per game over the last 7) with a QB that has thrown only 4 touchdowns in 9 games this year. Rarely will any of his catches between the 20s be going for scores because he doesn't have the speed (4.63 40-yard dash), size (his BMI at 6'2 201 lbs is smaller than that of Hollywood Brown), or agility (41st percentile agility score) to outrun, run through, or wiggle by defenders. When the Patriots get down to the redzone, they typically run the ball. But even when they decide to throw, N'Keal Harry (6'4 225) is their primary target (40% target rate in the redzone, and #1 contested catch % in the NFL). Jakobi is 750+ snaps into his career and has never caught a TD. It's time to admit this isn't a fluke. Also, saying Cam has "no chemistry" with Edelman is a major stretch. Edelman set his career high in receiving yards in only their 2nd game together and was targeted by Cam 30 times in the first 4 weeks of the year. If this isn't "chemistry", what is? Belichick was asked about Edelman last Wednesday and said he is progressing. He mentioned that day, the day after, and the following week as potential return dates, but admitted he was "not sure." When word of a possible Edelman-return in the near future comes from the GOAT HC himself, I think it's fine to say the guy is "apparently close to a return." Maybe I overstepped my bounds. What isn't fine is YOUR speculation that Jakobi's "non-linear path to the NFL" has anything to do with why I am down on him. I've never said anything like that. Seems to me you're projecting your own insecurities.
  5. 2 weeks have passed (not 4) and in that time (without Edelman) he is averaging less than 50 yards receiving per game and still hasn't caught a TD. Your reward for owning this headache? A week 14 playoff matchup with the Rams. Brutal. What upside do you think he has going forward?
  6. My team performed perfectly fine without Jakobi Meyers the last 3 weeks, thanks. IIRC, his start% over the two weeks you mention was below 5%. This jumped to near 30% this past weekend. Some would say this means his dud on Sunday was far more harmful to fantasy owners than anything he did prior was helpful. People like you were enamored by his Jets game and seemed to think he would be a WR2 with WR1 upside going forward. Ridiculous. This is why I warned people he is fool's gold. One good 80-snap anomaly game does not a good fantasy receiver make. Check my post history and you'll see I had no issues with owners playing him against the Jets, and my issues with him were and are primarily related to (1) his being in a poor passing offense and (2) the return of Harry and Edelman, who did not play against the Jets. Since I gave my opinion about his being fool's gold (following the Jets game), he has caught only 8 passes for 97 yards, and his target share yesterday dropped below 8%. All the red flags remain. He's played over 750 snaps in his career and has never caught a TD. He plays in an offense that throws the ball less than 30 times per game, which has scored less than 18 points per game in their last 7. Harry returned and lapped him in targets yesterday, 8 to 3. And Edelman is apparently close to a return as well. It's time to admit what he is.
  7. Can't say I didn't warn you all. Jakobi is fool's gold.