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  1. Probably going to be fading Antonio Brown st this point.
  2. When does the questionable tag come off? I have no options after the early games.
  3. I see another quote saying this... Andrews appeared to be moving well and was given the green light to play, despite being limited in practice this week. Andrews is a key piece of the offense, leading the team in catches (54), receiving yards (707) and touchdown receptions (seven). He missed much of last week’s game in Buffalo.
  4. I just read a tweet that said he was doing his normal warmup and no appearance of leg trouble.
  5. I watched a video that implied that his snaps went down in the second half of the game. That last throw to him was in the end zone. He didn't come down with it and after that point the video says he didn't play as much
  6. I mean.... if he played it's some type of glitch and will fixed.
  7. Me also. I should have known to always keep him and Evans in no matter what. Who cares that have I have John Brown and now Robert Woods. Uggghhh
  8. to go 12-0 I need mark Andrews to get 4.1 point in 1/2 ppr. 😱
  9. Exactly. The redskins QB has had exactly two TD in the air/ground produced in all of the drives he has had. And the other, well they’re the Dolphins. I have the eagles also which have the redskins week 15. So I may play the eagles then the Giants if I make the final. I’m sure one of the weeks will end up with huge points.
  10. I’d be hesitant on looking for a full load regardless.
  11. the giants have Miami and Washington 15/16
  12. I’m 11-0 and fully expect to lose in the first round.
  13. After next week he should be the number two TE in the league. A few points behind Kelce. Good enough for me sheeesh
  14. I could see the Browns winning this game 60-3. Things really just start coming together for this team. lol