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  1. In the league I have him in he is number one by 1.5 points over Ridley in 1/2 ppr. Maybe because of the settings with his 2 point conversion. Regardless I hope he stays healthy. I do know he is playing for the last year remaining on his contract. I know he very badly wants that contract to go it's full length.
  2. Week 7 check in here. AJ Brown 8 targets a game on average, and Kupp 7.5 Kupp 10.9 points per game 1/2 ppr, AJ Brown with 14.7 points per game. I would assume Brown will up his targets to about 9 per game on average by the end of the year if healthy.
  3. To what extent has underwhelmed? He is around 6-7 for total yards at running back. He has overall played against above average rush defenses. All of this without a preseason. If had 2 more TD's he would be exactly around 6-7 running back just like his yardage ranking. For a rookie I think he is doing just fine without a preseason.
  4. I looked they give up the 6th least rushing per game. I think this guy is very serviceable for the next month if you are dealing injuries/byes/covid issues.
  5. I do believe this man is the number one WR in the NFL 1/2 point ppr.
  6. At this point if he stays healthy. There are too many injuries for him not to be top 5 or so. His range will be around 3-6 overall with running backs I would think.
  7. C Mic is on San Fran's practice also I believe. You still never know. Hold him and Josh Gordon on your bench and turn out to be the smart one in my opinion.
  8. He has also been outscored by RB's like Nyheim Heins, James Robinson, and Malcolm Brown. I would presume Henry does better this season at some point. But to not be disappointed right now?? uhhh sure
  9. It's looking great with Thompson in there instead of Robinson.... greedy
  10. That's not about my team. I making a point that Robinson is doing great and performing much better than a slew of other rookie running backs drafted ahead of him. So please stop giving me a hard time about making that observation. Thanks a ton
  11. See that kind of attitude is what is going to make your species extinct. And hell yes it's cool. The undrafted rookie RB outscores the 1st, 2nd, 2nd and 3rd rookie RB's for the week and almost outscores them combined.
  12. nah lol. just a song
  13. In my 14 team league I Clyde Edwards H, Cam Akers, JK Dobbins, Zack Moss... and James Robinson came very close to outscoring all of them combined today. Thank you Mrs. Robinson. He will be in my flex until proven otherwise.