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  1. 56 pages? Does he have 56 points this year lol
  2. I think I don't trade as much anymore because I now play in so many leagues. When it was just 2 or 3 I would trade a lot but now that I play in a lot I get shares of everybody I would want. I usually trade when I have a surplus of something. I just personally hate it when two teams trade WR12 for WR14 or something and the two players in question are both established players and in basically the same range. I'll never understand that.
  3. They don't seem very excited these days. Nothing like it once was. You read the blurbs about a guy who just had a monster game and all they do is describe every big play in sequence and then state who they play next. There used to be passion behind those blurbs lol
  4. I think stashing him (and players in general a lot of the time) would matter more if this was a bad team he was playing for. The Rams are almost certainly a playoff team and while the offense has not been great the 2 RBs in front of him have been fine. They are 7th in rushing yards per game. It's just a tough sell to change much right now I guess. It's just not a good situation for fantasy production for him. Wrong team, wrong year.
  5. I just play whatever defense is going against the worst offense that I can find that week. Unless the defense is really really bad. Generally it works well. I always start my best players. I hardly ever care if an elite player is going against a great D or the D I'm using. A WR throwing up a 6-80 line or something doesn't mean the D had a bad game. That D can have a great game. Both things can happen at the same time.
  6. I would be shocked if there is anyone expecting any more lol
  7. Yeah he's fine. I'm one of those that was really into him coming out of college and it all feels a little disappointing still. He's a perfectly fine fantasy start though.
  8. At this point it kind of just feels meh. I have no opinion on him as a player one way or the other at this point. I don't have a ton of shares. After last year I wasn't diving all the way in again.
  9. There's just nothing you can do about it. Yards per carry be darned he's a pretty locked in mid range RB2. He's one of the safer ones too.
  10. Jalen Ramsey got burned several times in that game and Nick Foles couldn't take advantage of it. Burned badly.
  11. They've not been complete busts but yeah I'd be underwhelmed. It was hard to imagine 2 years ago that there isn't currently anyone who is a no doubt, slam dunk start in any matchup on this team. I would use some of them but you have to think about it.
  12. When people say volume is king what David Montgomery is doing right now is what they have in mind.
  13. No he's not coming back. He's being evaluated for a concussion.