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  1. He's averaging 12 points with 5 or 6 boards 2 3s and in-between 2-3 stocks per game. Just like he has pretty much every season of his career. Look up his per season stats. This is exactly what he's always been. Whether people like it or not is kind of irrelevant. We've already known who he is as a fantasy asset for several years.
  2. Dude is pretty much doing exactly what he always has. His stats are pretty well in line with norms. Percentages are actually a bit higher then normal. Very slightly lower on 3s and stocks. If he was up about 0.3-0.5 3s and maybe about 0.3 steals he'd be in his normal range. In fact he was in his normal range (4th round value) before yesterday. Last year was a bit of an outlier. He's not a top 20 player. He is a top 40 or top 50ish guy.
  3. I don't know why anyone was concerned to begin with. His minutes have been nearly identical in every game since Bagley has been back. His role is essentially set in stone unless he starts playing poorly. He just didn't happen to play very well for a couple games right when Bagley came back. Hence the panicking I guess.
  4. Man he's cruising up the seasonal rankings right now at a fast clip.
  5. I did do the Holmes/Lou deal. Really it was mostly to get rid of Lou. He was pretty much hurting my team more then helping at this point.
  6. I think I would pretty quickly hit accept for Mitchell personally. He's just so rock solid and durable. I can't blame you for holding FVV though. He's been incredible.
  7. I love him for the future and as he develops his game and body. He's gonna be a fantasy stud and potentially a real NBA superstar. For just this year though it seems like a clear sell high for someone more dependable at this stage.
  8. I mean he looks about on pace to get that 25 minutes or so everyone was hoping for...he just isn't doing a whole lot.
  9. I don't know what you could even learn from this one. Holmes was in serious foul trouble for much of the game. Dedmon didn't even play. He looks safe for 25 minutes I'd guess?He played that with foul trouble.
  10. I did Lou Will for Holmes this morning. It was accepted in less then 5 minutes. Was pretty surprised.
  11. Unless they are attempting to showcase him for a trade that almost certainly will never happen I just don't get why they would give Batum this much run. He does absolutely nothing at this stage of his career. If it's defense they want they have that in Cody Martin who's made a ton of huge plays for them on that end when he's gotten his chances. I'm sure Bridges minutes will trend right back up when they realize playing Batum is pointless and they should be letting young talent play through mistakes.
  12. I have done this before as well. It's an interesting way to do it. I did it once for baseball nearly a month into the season (roto) and drafted a ton of slow starters who kept falling. I think I started off 9th or 10th and finished 2nd. It's a balance of avoiding overdrafting hot starts that aren't sustainable and finding value in slow starts. It's challenging to be sure.
  13. He hasn't hit 15 minutes since he's been back and his minutes have actually trended down each game. In a deeper league maybe I guess. Shallow league no way at the moment. It's a shame because I think there's something there with him. The combo of that neuropathy issue and all these new bigs on that team have completely derailed him.
  14. I honestly just think he's a big a** guard. And that's fine if that's what he is. Everything about his game when I watch is that of a guard. He doesn't move like a big or play like one. His size and athletic ability get him the blocks of course.
  15. Watching this game he still hasn't put it all together quite yet...but he looks a heck of a lot more comfortable out there then he did just a few weeks ago. Almost night and day. Encouraging signs.