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  1. Love back in 2-3 weeks. complete BS stashed him over Wall my opponent in second round will have Wall back. Both were injured practically same day Jan 30th, how can a guy recover from knee surgery faster than a hand fracture on a non shooting hand! pissed. I have a bye will hold till the 19th. Praying for more positive update.
  2. Coach Malone said he will NOT enter concussion protocol.
  3. best news all day!
  4. I seriously doubt Vucevic would miss the full 8 weeks if the magic were actually in the playoff race plus don't forget the all star break gave the magic extra incentive to keep him out otherwise I'd bet on him beating his timetable as well.
  5. Just annoying to see positive updates on wall and Kawhi when there dealing with significant injuries whereas loves injury is to his nonshooting hand. Most players with injuries to their hand beat their given timetable.
  6. what?!? Im stashing him over Kawhi and wall because his injury is easiest to come back from yet they're gonna hold him out the full 8 weeks!!! Anyone else buying it or calling bs? i definitely thought he'd be ready by mid march march 14 would mark the beginning of the 7th week of his timeline. Thoughts?
  7. Truly sad that this dude can't hold value in even a 14-16 teamer league. I've missed on so many great pickups hoping Chriss would turn it around post all star break
  8. I held him through deadline so excited when clarkson got traded opening up mins for him only to learn Thomas was coming back in the trade....boooo!
  9. Acl is usually non contact no? Anyway really hoping he's alright I thought he was done when he suffered the ankle injury PLEASE BE OK!
  10. Wasn't there a report stating the suns will not rest/shutdown their veterans to tank. Maybe due to the Bledsoe fiasco.
  11. Great point. Hope he's fine but even so a strain sounds minor he has plenty of time to rest and if we only lose him for 4 games I'm good with that. Hopefully Bender and Jackson have major duds next game.
  12. I like Wright. Heres why: Levert is the better asset right now. But when Russell returns he will take a hit. Whereas Wright closes out Raptor games. The minutes are there and he's just coming on.
  13. Currently 6th seed out of 12. I was first and then Curry Dedmon Collins went down. 8 make playoffs 9 cat H2H. (Punt ast)Should I take a risk and trade my Warren for Vucevic? I'd have KDCurryKPVoochG.HarrisJ.MurrayCollinsChrissT.PrinceHensonInglesThadDedmonScared of Orlando tanking! Possible shutdown...What's your take? Worth risk?