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  1. who else scored second highest in the league but still lost!! so frustrating!
  2. anyone else worried about the weather in NY this Sunday? weather.com says 90% chance of precipitation at 1pm Sunday with 15 mph.
  3. Whats your record? Chris Carson has a tough schedule coming up but has good week 16 and 17. seeing as you need an RB1, I would go for it. However, Hopkins is a lot to give away in ppr... Maybe he would take Kupp or Godwin? (if you are willing to part with them?) Hopkins/Kupp/Godwin would be killer in the playoffs. Maybe trade for an RB 2 with Kirk? (he will have a great game this week).
  4. Yes I agree with Rush and go with Coleman.
  5. I would go with Kirk. Kyler will have a big game and Kirk is the clear #1 good luck.
  6. I would do it but if you think it will cost you this week. I would not. unless you're 8-0 or 7-1. maybe wait until 12pm to hit accept? (if your trade period is 2 days. then it will process next week) good luck.
  7. Juju vs LAR or Parker @IND ppr. thanks in advance!
  8. I hope you're right. I've been burned too much by TNF.
  9. was going to drop him for an RB handcuff. now I'm not so sure what to do anymore. TB will be a good game but I'm not going to expect Arizona to be this good when they play 49ers again on their normal rest.
  10. I baited my opponent to play Drake and I will probably lose because of it. This guy is the luckiest guy in the whole league. changes his lineup once a week. He's had Drake since the draft.
  11. I agree play Anderson. Keenan most likely on limited snaps.
  12. I am playing Juju this week everywhere I have him. and I have him in a lot of leagues.
  13. AJ Brown for me. best matchup and has a high ceiling. I am playing him in lots of fanduel lineups.
  14. I would start both Ekeler and Jacobs over Edmonds. Edmonds will not have the same game against Saints like he did last week. if you are picking between Ekeler and Jacobs. I would go Ekeler in ppr.
  15. I would go with McCoy. They have to lean on him. Saints D is good and they will sack Kyler a lot today,