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  1. I would also stick with Robinson. Godwin is always hurt. thanks for helping on mine good luck!
  2. I think the RB to get is hunt. Even when Chubb comes back, he is still Rb1 or high 2. McLaurin doesn't have lots of trade value right now. Hunt owner may take Jefferson for Hunt? I think its a fair deal. Maybe you can try McLaurin and Bell for Hunt. help me with mine?
  3. Baker is hurt and is missing everyone (more than usual). I honestly think Ceedee is safer. Dalton should have a bounce back game and ceedee was targeted a lot. I mean Odell is always the higher ceiling but I think ceedee is safer. help me with mine?
  4. I agree to go with Fant as well. seems safer. help me with mine please?
  5. I'm 50/50 on this trade. I think it's a fair trade. on one hand, AJ Brown is a stud but you don't NEED him unless you're very worried about Parker. on the other hand, you would potentially give up Swift who could be a stud and Cooks who's been fantastic. I personally would stay put. Cooks can have a good game this week as Alexander will shadow Fuller. Since RBs are more valuable than WR. can you help me with mine?
  6. I would go with Gio. Gio has the backfield all to himself right? Jackson can split with Kelley especially if the chargers are pulling ahead. help me with mine?
  7. ppr Amari Cooper vs WAS, Will Fuller vs GB Jaire Alexander, DJ Chark vs LAC, Tee Higgins vs CLE, Cooper Kupp vs CHI or Diontae Johnson vs TEN. thank you in advance. please post your topic if you need help in return.
  8. Did anyone watch the Texans play last week? How did DJ look in this new Texans offense?
  9. what are some realistic expectations for Drake this week? Cardinals should be up against Cowboys this week. Potential shootout game?
  10. Thanks man but he was just locked as Q :*(
  11. 5 minutes before game time....not looking good..
  12. I'm literally waiting for the same thing. Yahoo has been acting up all day. You have to move him to IR before game begins or else he gets locked in.
  13. who else scored second highest in the league but still lost!! so frustrating!
  14. anyone else worried about the weather in NY this Sunday? weather.com says 90% chance of precipitation at 1pm Sunday with 15 mph.
  15. Whats your record? Chris Carson has a tough schedule coming up but has good week 16 and 17. seeing as you need an RB1, I would go for it. However, Hopkins is a lot to give away in ppr... Maybe he would take Kupp or Godwin? (if you are willing to part with them?) Hopkins/Kupp/Godwin would be killer in the playoffs. Maybe trade for an RB 2 with Kirk? (he will have a great game this week).