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  1. I have a feeling he’s gonna get a full share of snaps and go off but I’m still rolling out with a safer option
  2. Would love to see Saints Jimmy G numbers from him
  3. If Zeke signs this weekend, is he #1 overall pick worthy?
  4. Rain, away, and against one of the best defenses with big corners who can shut down Mike... this is tough. I’m even leaning Marcus Murphy over him LOL I need points
  5. Such a toss up. Going with Butker or him tonight... leaning Butker because the game is at home and I see the Chiefs leading the way in scoring most of this game.
  6. Mahomes for me, and it’s not even close. Prime time game at home in an expected shootout. He got you this far there’s no way you bench him
  7. Kicker question... week 15 so i gotta ask! Tonight - Butker or Badgley?? Butker at home but missed a couple FGs last week, maybe lost some confidence of coaching staff... Badgley went hard last week, gained confidence
  8. Butker or Badley tonight??? tough decision for me... Chiefs prob lost some confidence with the Chiefs coaching staff last week and Badgley probably gained some. I think it'll be a high scoring game. Who will have the more FG opportunity??
  9. Sounds like Coaches' Speak to me... This just tells me that he didn't practice today and probably won't practice at all this week, which will ultimately lead to him sitting this Sunday... fire up your Samuels!
  10. 1000% starting him after sitting him for Jameis last week. Can't wait... McVay is gonna want to get Goff's confidence back up right before the playoffs (Gurley's too). 26/34 - 377 yds - 4 TDs... book it
  11. with Spencer Ware out, I might have to roll this dude out there...