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  1. Thanks for responses answered in return . Seems like responses all over place so just leaning on keeping dak and obj in finals
  2. Conley and a dice throw thanks for mine
  3. Ppr flexed obj all yr as a dud continue or start drake,Montgomery,singletary or Aj brown laird is also on waivers also dak or fitzmagic point per completion plus standard
  4. I’d roll Carson for safe 10-15 jones if you need huge upside mine please
  5. If needed a safe ish 10 pts I’d go singletary if high upside with lots of risk I’d go Washington mine please
  6. Andrews or powell powell will see more touches Andrews better bet to reach end zone mine please
  7. Defense no yards or points against just score for sacks,fumbles ints or td baltimore @buf eagles vs Giants Lastly Ppr flex obj Or fill with Guice , drake or singletary??
  8. I’d drop j Williams and get fitz mine please