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  1. yeah not sure who to pick-up on the wire for 16 teamers. If i'm playing 12 teamer those would probably be stream spots
  2. anyway, im dropping tonight. hope i can scoop him half on 2nd half faster than others
  3. Culver (added after pat bev inj) mitchell dunn giannis noel green love zubac paschal jrich kanter dieng temple ingram pat bev (IL)
  4. lol so im guessing Tim and Tucker had a kid too aka Talen Horton-Tucker
  5. tempting to drop on a 16-teamer as i dont have any streamspot. non spicy p being non spicy rn
  6. Another G-League find? He's listed SF at yahoo but im pretty sure he wont slide to jeff green's role as small ball 5 as he's listed 6'5 210. Similar to Bledsoe-type built and is explosive attacking the basket and has range too though this is all based on his g-league games i watched.
  7. im actually sad when harden doesnt make 40 a night
  8. 18th place in an 18 teamer with john collins, huerter , d angelo, winslow and baynes
  9. did people already threw this guy to garbage?