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  1. 4 games next week, first one's tomorrow. If you have a streaming spot at the end of your roster, I think Delaney's a great grab, I did so in one league. The injury for Schroder looked painful and if the MRI shows a bone bruise, he could miss more than just one game. Worst case if Schroder gets the all clear on the MRI tomorrow, you drop Delaney for someone who plays 3 or 4 games the rest of the week.
  2. Reed is inactive, yes. Kelley too so maybe we'll see more passing in what's supposed to be a high scoring game.
  3. Need Cousins and/or Lynch to have their best game of the season (or just beat your projections by a few points please) to avoid an 0-3.
  4. I did the exact same thing... sigh. Potentially looking at an 0-3 instead of 3-0 start for that one simple yet completely wrong decision.
  5. While it is unfortunate from the perspective of those who drafted him (in the 2nd/3rd rounds) with the idea he'd be their #2 guy... from the perspective of someone who tries to buy low on him now as I did in a league it is a great risk reward. I went WR/WR first and I have 2 relatively stable WR1s. I traded for the upside from my flex spot that Hilton can provide if and when Luck returns. Even without Luck I think Hilton will start to produce Flex quality numbers as soon as this week against the Browns. Until Luck returns it will be playing the matchups and moving him in and out of the Flex spot accordingly. I think from that perspective it's a great opportunity here and I'm a firm believer that unless you have incredible luck with no injuries and perfect draft choices, you make your own luck through taking appropriate risks with season changing rewards. Better than relying on that next waiver pickup to be this year's Jordan Howard or whatever.
  6. Nice start today with the blocks. Need Serge to rediscover Iblocka.
  7. I'm inclined to agree that this just might be the catalyst. I like the fact that he is walking the walk after talking the talk the other day. See the last rotoworld blurb: Serge Ibaka said he's still trying to find his rhythm in Orlando. "I'm just going to ask the Magic fans to keep believing in me. I'm a lot better than what I showed the last couple of days," Ibaka said. "I'm just trying to find a rhythm on defense and offense with new teammates, a new coach. I'm just trying to find my position. I know it's tough for them. I'm going to try here to be the man." The big man has regressed in four straight seasons and his numbers are down across the board once again. He should be a little better moving forward, but owners should keep their expectations in check. Nov 13 - 12:40 PM
  8. Expectations are tempered. Still will be more than he's been doing in my IR the past few weeks!
  9. Ran the Coach's play to perfection and broke away for a dunk on an inbounds pass for the clutch win in OT. I have 0 shares of Warren this year but at this point he is absolutely legit and in the running for WW pickup of the year.
  10. Thanks for this update, you're the real MVP. Have multiple shares of Gary Harris across my leagues, really hoping he can provide similar numbers to last year when healthy.
  11. Decided to pick him up on a flier, had dead weight at the end of my roster in a slightly deep 12 man league. The percentages are offputting but I think he should handle the ball far less in the OKC system with Westbrook and Oladipo sucking up the usage. They should create easier shot opportunities for Grant and less chance of him getting fouled that way. OKC seemed to have been high on him and have been after him for months and seems like they want an upgrade over Sabonis that can play better defense than Kanter. I don't think his overall fantasy value is going to be season changing but should potentially be better than end of bench value in 12+ man leagues if he can approach 25-30 mins a game. Worth a flier IMO. Anyone know if he qualifies to play tomorrow?
  12. i think the thing with this is there are a handful of players who are constantly shifting to and from 1st round value. butler, millsap, cp3, pg13, pau, etc. they're not necessarily wrong when they say all of those players (and a few others) are 1st round value/can finish there by the end of the seaosn. Thing is they should specify the time frame or league size and settings they're looking at, at least for the top 10 posts or whatever. At the very least when they make the blanket statement they should check if the person is CURRENTLY top 10 or not. Case and point, Hassan Whiteside: Hassan Whiteside matched his career-high 25 points during a 106-82 win over the Mavs on Friday, adding 19 rebounds and one block in 32 minutes. His boards were a season high and he made 12-of-16 from the field. "To contrary beliefs, I can score," Whiteside said after the game. His minutes have been 32 or more in each of his last four games, so the benching concerns have subsided. He has top-10 value in standard leagues so far this season. Because by my check in Yahoo 9 cat leagues he is not.
  13. According to the blurbs there's like 20 players with top 10 value. That really bothers me because it's just illogical and not true, plus it depends on format which the writers rarely specify.
  14. This one takes the cake. What about his recent decline of minutes makes anyone optimistic about the future. How is it a buy low when this guy continues to sink in value due to the decline in minutes? Do they know something about a potential lineup change and they just haven't posted it? Noah's been playing much better and Miro's defense is atrocious. But because he was over drafted and over hyped by RW (just like Danny Green and Meyers Leonard) they can't in good conscience recommend a drop when dropping for the right free agent (Baze, Barton, etc.) would have been a game changer for most owners.