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  1. These are all solid values. I would say Hunt because I see him being part of another team next year. After that, I'd go Sutton. Lock seems to have potential and Sutton was even producing with Flacco at the helm. Chark... I don't know. I'm sold on him being a very good WR, but have no idea who is supposed to throw him the ball. Carson is the only hard no until we know the extent of his injury. Good thing you have the summer to evaluate.
  2. I know I"m a bit late, but with a margin that slim, you should always play your guy because there's a risk of stat corrections after the fact. If the player loses you 3 points, you didn't deserve to win lol. I hope you started him.
  3. Rest of my lineup Lamar AJones, Mostert Adams, Cooper, DJ Moore Kelce Flex??? Seattle/Gould
  4. I'm just recalling a Steelers Dolphbe game several years ago that ended 3-0. There was a punted ball that didn't bounce. It just....came to a crash landing in the mud. If that's the weather, then nobody in that game is worth starting, except maybe the DST. Oh units.
  5. If it's a downpour, then I might consider benching Winston. Wait til Friday or even Saturday morning to get concerned over it.
  6. If you mean kickers don't record INT's and throw TD passes, then yes, I agree with your assessment.
  7. Incredibly incorrect. Lutz/Butker a clear cut above the rest.
  8. Fuller has game winning potential when healthy, and it sounds like he is healthy. AJ is a safer play. Conner is.... not
  9. I'm in the final of my super competitive 12 team PPR. Which side would you rather have? I won't specify whether I am team A or team B Team A Team B QB: Winston Lamar RB(2): McCaffrey, Kamara Fournette, Freeman WR(3): Julio, Edelman, ARob Adams, Kupp, Moore TE: Waller Kittle Flex: AJones Mostert D/K: SF/Lutz Denver/Badgley
  10. I agree with the lineup choices you've made. It's cool to pick up Perriman, but I'd also consider dropping your two extra defenses for players your opponent might want to roster. just as a blocking tactic
  11. I don't think you'll need to make 3 moves per week. rest of your roster looks solid
  12. Are your kicker/DST replaceable or is it like Lutz/Patriots/49ers? If you can part with one of them, you can hold more players over the week and who knows, maybe someone on your bench gets hurt? Perriman is worth the add.
  13. 12 team PPR QB: Winston RB: McCaffrey, Kamara WR: Julio, Edelman, ARobinson TE: Waller Flex: AJones D/K: 49ers/Lutz Bench: Perriman, L Murray, Mayfield, Goedert, Breida, Seahawks D Perriman is an instant WR1 with Evans and Godwin out. Edelman faces a tough Buffalo D, Jones is a bit unpredictable. Thoughts?
  14. White. he's almost a lock for 10-15 points in PPR. OBJ obviously higher ceiling so depends on the rest of your lineup. feel like swinging for the fences? go Odell. want to play it safe? White. Help please?