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  1. I've got Matt Ryan as my weekly presumptive starter. If Cam had a cake matchup or the Falcons up against a tough defense, I'd consider rolling Cam out there. Pros: generally a good rushing floor. Cons: inaccurate, team hasn't been able to practice live much. No downfield threats to speak of. Brady was not a good fantasy asset in his final year with the Pats, but it's clear he can still play. Cam not being able to produce may say more about his supporting cast than it does about him. I may hold for another week, but that's only because there's nobody I really need from waivers.
  2. Most TE's are droppable, lol. Engram is certainly one such TE. Help?
  3. Fuller. Watson always looks for him deep. No guarantee Gio performs. How many times have we seen Mixon flop?
  4. Freaking AJones injury has me scrambling. One of the RB's will be my RB2, one of the remaining players will be my flex. Who do I bench?
  5. Only options really are Cobb/Hardman/James Washington I picked up Cobb- safe floor, it seems. As of now, Edmonds and Murray are in my RB2/Flex. Question is does one of those WR's i listed get slotted in above either RB? I dropped Ebron for Cobb already just in case
  6. Go with Watson still. If it was Herbert vs Cam/tannehill that tier I'd say Herbert but Watson is a top 5 weekly play. Help?
  7. So I need to prepare for the likely scenario that Jones doesn't play. Thankfully, Green Bay has an early game, so I'll have lots of options. Questions 1. Kamara is my RB1. Who becomes my RB2? Latavius (vs. CAR) or Edmonds (vs. SEA)? I picked up Hasty on SF earlier this week but that was more of a stash. 2. I was debating Edmonds/Latavius at flex, but now this opens up other options for me as far as who I can use at flex now: - Ebron (currently on my roster but is a drop candidate as I have Waller at TE and Goedert returning soon) @TEN - Hardman (@DEN), Cobb (vs. GB), or James Washington (@TEN) Cobb probably has the safest floor, Hardman the highest ceiling. None are great options. Need perspective! Here's the rest of my starting lineup: QB: Ryan RB: Kamara, (RB2 here) WR: Hopkins, Diggs, ARobinson TE: Waller Flex: ????? D/K: Bills/Butker
  8. Putting a 1-2% claim on him and dropping Ebron. If it works, great. If not, also great.
  9. Ryan vs Car - steelers may want to run on the eagles Tough one here but I'd probably go with Taylor. If you want to roll rthe dice on Moore though, now's the time in a tasty matchup. Help?
  10. 12 team PPR, currently in 1st at 3-1, with 4 other teams, QB: Ryan RB: Kamara, ???? (usually Aaron Jones but he's on a bye) WR: Hopkins, Diggs, Robinson TE: Waller Flex: ???? D/K: Rams/Butker Bench: Edmonds, Dobbins, Latavius, Trequan Smith, Ebron then Newton, Goedert 2 questions: 1. From this group, pick one RB to slot in at RB2: Edmonds, Ebron, Smith, Murray 2. From the rest of this group, pick a flex. (may need a replacement for Diggs)
  11. Allen, target machine. Woods might be more productive but he seems to be overlooked in the red zone.
  12. I'm in a keeper league that rewards good drafting. I picked Campbell in R10 this year, and if i want to keep him he will cost me my 8th next year. Do you see a scenario where he becomes worth an 8th rd pick after his injury is healed? I'm worried he won't be back to 100% this year. As you can see, I have a few players worth hanging onto (Newton, Goedert) but are out short term. I currently sit 3-1, in a 5 way tie for first but I have the most points, by a fair margin. Rest of my roster: 12 team ppr yahoo QB: Ryan/Newton WR: Hopkins/Robinson/Diggs RB: Kamara/AJones TE: Waller D/K: Rams/Butker BN: Goedert, Ebron (holding for Waller's week 6 bye), LMurray, JK Dobbins, Trequan Smith, Chase Edmonds IR: Reagor, Campbell. I'd be keeping Kamara, Jones and Waller next year, as their respective values are incredible. Is it worth dropping Campbell to free up a bench spot? Or should I hold?
  13. Help, whir! if possible, give a reason too, please. Thanks!
  14. or do I consider Dobbins?? lol I have some good options