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  1. He'll be a QB1 next year after having a full year in Shanny's system. Legit.
  2. I do like the fact that he's coming off his worst statistical game of the season, so he'll be hungry to make some catches.
  3. I have Higbee and Engram as well. Leaning towards Higbee. But I wouldn't be surprised to see TE1 numbers from Engram.
  4. Bring back Josh McCown. He'll throw for 400 yards and 3 TD's and make OBJ look like the GOAT. Mayfield is trash.
  5. Yeah, unless you have Kittle or Kelce.
  6. Exactly, just a backup. I'm well aware of Ware 😉 Ex-KC who tore his ACL and was never anything special as a starter.
  7. Lol Ware should not be seen as a threat. He's just a backup. It's basically a two-man show right now - McCoy and Thompson.
  8. Boom or bust Evans. GL to everyone. He's still a must-start.
  9. I think they move Sanders around, so Lattimore probably won't be locked in on him. I can see this as a 'break-out' game for Sanders, but is it worth taking a risk in the playoffs? Sounds a little risky.
  10. Tempted to start him. Hunter Henry went for 100 and 2 TD's in his first game back from a knee injury.
  11. I'm going to start him again if Everett is out and hope for the best. Cooks is not doing much as well.
  12. I'm starting him if he looks normal in practice. He's playing at home with Matt Ryan. It ain't that bad...