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  1. Opponents are always grateful to play @ DET on thanksgiving day 😂
  2. Stats can look great on paper and can sometimes fool you. Throwing gimme 1-yard TD's to Evans or whoever can pad anyone's stats. The point is not the stats though. It's the INT's, the mental errors, and the obvious one (deep ball accuracy).
  3. He looks healthier now. If only Brady could actually throw deep...
  4. This week is looking like WR1 numbers for Ridley.
  5. That doesn't seem like an accurate stat. Didn't he complete a long bomb to Evans vs. SD? EDIT: Nevermind, that game was over a month ago!
  6. The consistency is gone. He's going to have some good games, but his overall game is on the decline.
  7. If they can somehow beat KC heading into the bye week, then I like Brady's chances of putting up good numbers down the road. If not, this could be the start of a downward spiral for the entire team.
  8. I'm going to say it now: Father time is catching up with Brady. The signs are there... -Thinking it was 3rd down instead of 4th down in the last seconds of a game. Remember that game?? -Throwing horrible INT's that don't even look like Brady. -Horrible deep throws. It was a good run. 43 years old.
  9. Kelce is KC's 2nd most valuable player. Honestly, they're not a SB-winning team without him.
  10. As bad as Mattison was in the one week Cook was out, you still have to roster him in case Cook goes down.