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  1. I did something different this year....didn’t draft a RB until the fourth round. Took 2 WRs and a TE top 3. Having Deandre, Odell, and Ertz gave me a solid base that were very consistent all season except at the end Odell got hurt and Ertz had two off games. Actually, I lost in the playoffs probably because of that drop off. My 4th round RB was that bum from Denver.....forgot his name. So, in effect, I was scrambling to pick up RBs. I got them all from the waivers: Chubb AJones Mack White so, it looks like quality RBs can be had through waivers, so I don’t really feel compelled to change...... BUT, I think I would feel better to pick a RB...WR in one and two instead of WR...WR. Hopefully, I will be able to draft in the top 5 instead of 8-10, which has been my lot three straight years.
  2. Congrats to all the winners (I’m not one of them). I lost because Samuels can be a TE. Do I sound a little bitter? Lol
  3. Playing FF keeps me humble..... Losing Odell and Ertz playing small absolutely killed me in weeks 14 and 15 which caused my demise. This is why FF can be so unpredictable....even your studs can get injured or not show up for various reasons (tough match up, injured player who affects them, weather outside....) You can draft, plan, and research all you want.....but always know, that may not be enough.
  4. Snaps being down makes no sense. Usually when JW is a large part of the game plan, they are successful and score plenty of points. But for some reason they seem to not want to keep it simple and duplicate those game plans.
  5. I lost by one point becaus DJ only got me 2.2 today. Are you kidding me? To his credit, Cam must be hurt becaus his throws look inept.
  6. Since this is my last game of the year, why not Allen? To hell with Rivers ......go with the kid.
  7. Sorry, I wasn’t clear. Meaningless for me since I got eliminated in my playoffs. Playing a consolation game isn’t very exciting nor is there any pressure.
  8. Foles is not Wentz. That lass pass to Ertz said it all...Ertz open and Foles throws it behind him. Only way he could catch that was make a sensati9nal grab with weight going opposite way from his hands.Not Ertz fault.
  9. I am eating crow today. Although I was eliminated from the playoffs so this consolation was meaningless, I didn’t play Kenny G and boy was I wrong. He totally owned the Bills secondary and I believe the great Dre White must have been covering him a bit as well. Anybody who watched the game can provide details...that would be nice. Did KG own Dre White? Necertheless, I was wrong and KG showed me he can score well on a bad match up and a qb who is looking more to preserve his health.
  10. Go nuts? I may start him but the game is maybe that is why I feel lucky.
  11. Another horrible mistake by me. I guess I thought the Cowboys rushing defense was THAT good. I guess they are not, or maybe Indy’s OL is just better.
  12. I’m glad DH has finally got it. I thought long and hard on picking him up and stashing hoping to see results like this, but alas, I didn’t, and regret not doing it. The guy who finally picked him up after his first big week now has a huge advantage to win it all, thanks to DH.
  13. While I was right benching JW, I was wr9ng benching Kenny G. 50%