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  1. I can only think of one person that would do that...
  2. Gallman is inactive for MNF tonight. Does anyone know if he's injured, or is this just a healthy scratch? The Giants signed Buck Allen a couple months ago. So if anything happens to Saquon tonight, I guess Buck is the next man up. And I know y'all are shocked a Wayne Gallman thread is back at the top of this forum. My bad. 😂
  3. Well, I don't feel comfortable starting Richard or Washington, so it looks like I'm plugging in a sleeper WR in my Flex spot instead. I'm going to lose in the first round of the playoffs. This is a crushing blow.
  4. If Jacobs is ruled out, wouldn't Richard be the better play, especially in PPR?
  5. This is the worst possible scenario for the first week of the fantasy playoffs. Jacobs is a tough kid, so I believe he'll play, but it sounds like he's in bad shape. I really don't know what to do.
  6. I like Allen the best. It's a bad matchup on paper, but Allen's rushing ability makes him dangerous. And I trust Allen more than the other two QBs.
  7. Bills. Only because I just don't trust Devlin Hodges, and I think the Bills will force him to make mistakes.
  8. Lockett. I know he hasn't done much in the past few weeks, but I'd hate to leave him on my bench with all his potential upside, with Wilson playing like an MVP every single week.
  9. Team 1: In PPR, I'd start Gordon and Ekeler. Team 2: Lockett and Doyle. I know Lockett hasn't done much in several weeks, but I would hate to bench him, especially with Wilson playing like an MVP. Good luck!!
  10. Hey guys, Will Fuller has just been ruled out. It sucks, but I need to replace him with one of these WR3 options: Kenny Stills Cole Beasley Allen Lazard John Ross Parris Campbell Diontae Johnson Phillip Dorsett Kendrick Bourne I need a sneaky sleeper! PPR league. Thanks, guys! Send me your links!
  11. I am. I haven't heard anything about Saquon's injury and his current condition, but it's better to be safe than sorry. Plus the Giants have an easy remaining schedule for RBs. So it's a no-brainer for me. If Saquon is fine and healthy after the game, then I'll drop Gallman for another player.
  12. I picked up Njoku in all of my leagues today. I'm hoping he plays this week. Njoku has the #1 easiest remaining schedule among TEs, including a date versus the Cardinals, so I think he'll offer TE1 value immediately.
  13. I've been playing fantasy football for eight years now, and although I've won a few championships, I'm a firm believer that it mostly involves luck. I try to put as much skill, effort, time and strategy as possible into my teams every single year, but sometimes it just doesn't matter. I've seen people who know nothing about football, who draft poorly, who are inactive on the waiver wire, who don't put in the same time or work that I do, and who simply don't have the same level of passion for it as I do win championships. You can have the worst possible roster and be in first place, and you can have the best possible roster and be in last place. That's just the way fantasy works. It can be a total coin flip.