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  1. He doesn’t have a ton of carries but is top 5 in the league for yards after contact. Guys like Jordan Howard and Chris Carson come to mind. Generating yards after contact is very underrated in the NFL and is definitely a top trait for a RB. Albeit, one that is most often overlooked and hardest to gauge until a player is on the field.
  2. Got Andrews in both my leagues. I also have Henry in one. Hard not to start Henry and will usually flex in Andrews based on matchup. In my other league I’ve left Andrews in all year and I am 11-1. When you look at the TE landscape he is Top 5 play each week just depends on game flow.
  3. This is a good thought and generally a great way to go about FF. Drafting well definitely gets you off to a hot start but playing the wire correctly throughout the year is the most important. I’ve won weeks this year with L.Murray going off for two games when Kamara was hurt. Without him my 10-1 roster would’ve lost with buy weeks. I’ve also won games by playing the correct streaming QB or DEF. I started 0-5 in one league, but acquired Lamar early through a trade and had some decent wire pickups. Also, I didn’t blow up my team because I got unlucky and had the most points against. I knew I had good players and kept rolling them out there. Now I am 5-6 and on my way to the playoffs. there is definitely luck involved but if you play in a league for 10+ years you will start to realize there are good and bad fantasy managers.
  4. that’s actually some really helpful tape there. Rb’s coming into the league are so hard to properly evaluate. The mix of burst, strength and balance is hard to equate from college to NFL. These guys have huge holes in college and are usually physically just a tad superior to their competition. Guys like Kareem Hunt and Jordan Howard who might not have the top end speed but have enough burst and really know how to break tackles and keep moving. Even a guy like Kamara who is a top end talent is one of the best in the league with using his stiff arm to keep guys hands off of him. These nuances are hard to see until you get these guys on the field. going to do my best to add this guy, feels like we have a cowboys situation from a few years back. Line is so good anyone with the majority of touches should thrive
  5. Gallop and Howard. Michel for Howard If you want It’s close. Thanks for mine
  6. Nervous with Lamar against Pats. Who would you go with?
  7. I like the second trade although there are a lot of pieces. Getting Kamara is gold but I don’t see Godwin dropping off much. Your team is so stacked I’d pick the guys you like watching on Sunday. thanks for mine!
  8. I would hold on to Shady. More upside in a 10 man league and with Cmac, Kamara and Chubb you gotta have the best roster in the league. thanks for mine
  9. Looks good to move Goff. If you can get Lindsey back for one of WR that’s a big win
  10. I was offered Lamar and McLaurin for Sony and Coleman. My team is 1-5 and his team is 5-1. Seems like I should pull the trigger and shake things up to get Lamar. My Roster: QB: Jameis (Bye) RB: Zeke, Carson, Damien, Sony, Coleman, Breida WR: Evans, Fuller, Boyd, Cooks, Green, Sanders TE: Andrews Would you accept?? WHIR!
  11. I think you absolutely make this trade. Evans could outscore Thomas this year easily. Getting Coleman, a potential RB1 or RB2 is a huge upgrade for you. You need the RB help until some guys earn more work.
  12. I like the Carson and Cooks side. I don’t think JuJu will fair as well as the teams #1. Cooks is solid and you know what you’ll get. Carson is one of the better backs in the league on a team that ran it 550+ times. If healthy coaches said they want him to get 50 catches which will make him a top 5 rb. thanks for mine!