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  1. I think your blackface-wearing prime minister has sealed borders anyways, so nothing to worry about. By the way, your cases of COVID-19 doubled over the weekend, can't wait for all of those great free facilities to be put to the test. Enjoy your 12-hour ER waits.
  2. lol ok we get it dude, you don't like America. We get it, really. Your country has its own problems, your weather sucks, your economy is a tiny fraction of ours, you have virtually no innovation, housing issues, treat your indigenous like garbage, etc. Nit pick at any country and you can find things to complain about. If anyone gave a crap about Canada, I'm sure there's plenty to talk about. But no one does, so no one does. And medically, you guys are no utopia either. 40% of people in Canada wait 2+ hours in the ER and 40% have to wait a month to see a specalist. Average wait time to receive treatment in Canada is ~20 weeks, in the US it's 3-6 weeks. So at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. Again, we get it. You hate America. Cool. We're still better than you.
  3. Yeah, free healthcare! Apparently we can just wave a magic wand and the $3.5 trillion in healthcare costs (that make up over 15% of our annual GDP) will just disappear and everything will be free for everyone! It's so easy! What is there to not understand?
  4. The part where I have to pay for other people's healthcare out of my taxes. One day you'll get a job, see that you only get to keep $1000 out of your $1500 paycheck as is, and change your tune. Everyone's a liberal until they start working.
  5. Ah yes, China's healthcare system, a true model to the rest of the world. Ranked 144th in the world by the WHO beneath countries such as Yemen, Sudan, Burundi, India, and Iraq
  6. Magic Johnson killing the game right now. Him, Theis, Bjelica, Shake Shack are keeping me afloat.
  7. My boy Danny bringing the big dick energy
  8. Why was he on your DND list? Plays 75+ games almost every year, no competition for minutes, and put up 20/11 with 1.5 blocks to close out the season last year with MEM.
  9. I think Zion is an incredible player, but agree that he's not a great fantasy player right now. I also think because of his name he will be overdrafted a lot next year, and I want no part in that.
  10. lol can I join your league next year? The guy has been a 2nd rounder this year...
  11. GOATside is playing amazingly well and this guy is coming off a 1-year layoff, I think ~18 minutes per game is his ceiling. Not seeing a lot of fantasy value here
  12. Shout out to 2016 Willie Hernangomez, who from February onwards averaged 11/9 on 53% FG with a juicy 3.3 ORPG (which my league counted as a cat).
  13. Yes, clearly Portland is going to "shut down" their best player, who would otherwise be healthy enough to play, with a month left to go in the season in the middle of a playoff race. Now you're thinking.