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  1. Um...what? His career averages are 27/7/7. His numbers the last 4 years have been: 26/8/9 28/9/9 27/9/8 25/8/11 Guy is in his 17th season and is 35, obviously he's not gonna be playing like a 22 year old and tomahawking it over 3 people every play, but I'm not seeing this "decline" you're talking about
  2. Agreed I just checked and over the last 30 days Warren G is shooting 61% FG on 14 FGA, which is absurd for a wing.
  3. But how much of that stems from playing for one of the worst organizations in basketball?
  4. Don't see motivation being a problem. Warriors may go 2-8 or worse in their next 10 but next year with Steph/Klay/Dray all back and healthy...that's a core that won 73 games in 2015 with Harrison Barnes at the 3.
  5. I'm sure it's just some light groin fatigue from dicking down defenses so hard the last few months. Rest up sweet prince
  6. Inserted Thon Song into my starting lineup today. Fully expecting a 5 pts / 3 rebs line with 0 stocks because that's what happens every time I put a hot waiver pickup into my starting lineup.
  7. When Theis AND Williams are both out, this guy is a lock for a double/double with 15/15 potential
  8. Just plopped this guy into my lineup, the steals are juicy AF, fingers X'd
  9. I have both Theis and Kanter. When Williams is healthy, none of the 3 are playable. When Williams is injured, both are playable.
  10. Barrett has a 22.7 USG rate, ahead of guys like Lowry, Collins, Love, Ayton, and CP3. I don't understand what more you want the Knicks to do with him? Dude is 19 years old and playing 32 minutes per game. Pretty sure you're just complaining for the sake of complaining. Block and washing my hands of this thread.
  11. RJ is putting up 13 shots a game and shooting 39% from the field, 33% from three, and 60% from the line. That's a 44% eFG (for context, Lonzo Ball has a 50% eFG). So your solution is that they should go away from their more effective scorers to give RJ even more shots to the detriment of the team? And that would somehow "develop" him? Like letting an atrocious shooter keep jacking up more shots automatically makes them a better shooter? lol...ok
  12. Why is Robinson's lack of development automatically the Knicks fault? Are the Knicks responsible for his lack of hustle and effort? Porzingis developed just fine with the Knicks, no one was complaining about development then...
  13. "Fits well with Robinson", as if he's some franchise cornerstone that the team needs to be built around. At this point, he's a limited offensive and defensive player whose only contributions are blocking shots and dunking alley oops. Again, I'm a 2 year M-rob owner, and wish the best for him, but he's just not a very good NBA player (yet).
  14. To play devil's advocate: 1) How is RJ's development has been halted when he's getting 32 MPG? 2) Knox, Frank, and Trier are all career backups. 3) M-Rob has no semblance of an offensive game and can't play without fouling, playing him 30+ MPG in a lineup already depleted of offensive talent would be ugly. Hence why Portis/Gibson/Randle are necessary.
  15. I agree with you 100%. I know it's tacky to quote oneself, but I posted this on Dec. 26th: "Every time I tune into a Knicks game I wonder how he even gets the 25 minutes he does. No effort on offense or defense, doesn't set good screens, doesn't go for rebounds, doesn't hustle, etc. He's fantasy gold, but (at least right now) he's not a very good NBA player"
  16. Standard 8cat + OREB, so to your point the difference in their value is probably way more pronounced in standard.
  17. I think it was an even trade. Lillard > Vuc (slightly, maybe) but Isaac > Covington (by a good amount). In hindsight with Isaac down, Vuc + Lord is a high price to pay for Dame. I know it's nit-picking but as a 3 year owner of Vuc I think he's the most under rated player in fantasy and very close to Lillard. In fact in my 9-cat, Vuc finished last year ranked #6 vs Lillard's #11, and is also outranking Lillard this year (#12 vs #22).
  18. CP3 helped DJ score some points with some lobs... ...but DAJ also grabbed 13 boards and swatted 2 shots a game while playing All-NBA caliber D. M-Rob is nowhere close to there. Yet.
  19. 12/6/3 with 2 threes, 0.8 steals, 0.6 blocks on 47/42/84...OPJ-esque numbers. 20 pts / 4 threes in the 1st half and counting
  20. Have you watched him play? Nothing against M-Rob, I've owned him for 2 years and obviously want him to do well, but he looks nothing like an All Star.
  21. Complaining after a 22/19 game, god bless rotoworld
  22. And he's ranked 27th in my 9-cat, which is late 2nd/early 3rd value, so I don't see the problem. Obviously in an ideal world he'd get 32 MPG, but he's averaging 10/7 with 2 blocks on 70% FG. If you drafted him expecting much more than that, I dunno what to tell you.
  23. If you actually streamed Garrett Temple, you can't blame anyone but yourself