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  1. Picked up bell after a disgruntled owner dropped him when he got hurt. I can let him sit on my bench behind henry, connor, and j rob and gain value. Hope the old leveon comes out to play!
  2. bare minimum, I expected tampering weeks ago and a contract announced at 4:01 et
  3. Bell and his agent get a say though. Doesn’t seem like he’s the type of guy that’d willingly take a timeshare situation. Maybe if its the last option but I’d think he’d state that he wants to be the guy in any negotiation.
  4. Hope marrone and gruden are fired after this game. Why put in thompson 1st and goal? Automatically signals that youre passing and then run three passes from the five! Terrible play calling in general all game.
  5. Why does marrone keep putting thompson in while in the red zone? Pretty much says im passing
  6. Yep. Dropped him for crowder as someone dropped him. Figures.
  7. Thanks for that -2 on robinson marrone. Stupid play call
  8. Its like the steelers are purposely not going to connor.
  9. Yeahhhh. Im in a spot of having to decide to swap bell in for henry in the next fourty minutes. Hopefully some news drops by then.
  10. Mike Mularkey rode demarco murray over Henry to the unemployment line. Nfl coaches dont like others to tell them how to run their team. Too big of egos.
  11. Had to grab wilson and start him due to losing henry, connor, and fournette. Would have rather left them in since the names better to look at.
  12. Honestly, Id have fired him when he came to my office and said he wanted to trade Nuk.
  13. I have Henry and Conner... oof. 1-2 with two losses by a combined 12. Thankfully I have James Robinson, but I have to shift Fournette to a 2nd rb slot... oof hopefully they make a decision and not wait until the last second to play or postpone.
  14. Complained on multiple threads, but 1-2 with a stacked team. Lost week 1 by 5 thanks to double 0s from conner and engram, 7 tonight with 4 total between engram and cooks. 2nd most points this week (next closest was about 25 away), but the guy I went against had the most (also was the saquon owner...).
  15. 1-2 with both losses by a combined 12 points. Ive basically lost because of Evan Engram and my wr2 spot (also a 0 from conner week 1). Stand pat and ride my team out or make moves? qb - kyler rb - henry rb - conner Wr - hill wr - cooks te - engram flex - james robinson d - ravens (started cards this week) k - lutz bench - bell, fournette, hilton, brees, jeudy