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  1. If anyone else wants in, there are 2 spots still open. leave your email to receive an invite
  2. Edward & John, I have re-sent you another invite to takeover a dead team. After I sent the original invites to you guys yesterday, the other owners on those teams responded saying they are going to play. Once you accept these new invites, I will remove the other owner.
  3. update - we have 7 owners who have yet to say they are returning for this season. If you want in then I will send you an invite. thank you!
  4. a draft poll will be posted on the league manager's note once the league is full. There will be 3 or 4 day/times to choose from. The league majority will choose when our draft is. It will most likely be the weekend before the 1st game of the regular season so (august 30th, 31st, september 1st or the day before kickoff sept. 4th)
  5. This is a free league. Every year it is in high demand so if you want in then leave me your email address to receive an invite. link to the league - Below are the rules Season IX Rules are as follows There will be 20 teams (we will be ignoring the head to head matchups and we will be going by the total team points that are accumulated after each week). At the conclusion of Week 6(Tuesday October 15th, 2019), the team with the lowest amount of points will be eliminated and his players put on waivers on Tuesday morning October 16th. After week 7, the next lowest team will be eliminated and his players put on waivers. Same goes after weeks 8, and 9. Then, after week 10, the next 2 lowest teams will be eliminated and their players put on waivers leaving us with 14 teams still in the competition. From then on, the 2 lowest teams left will be eliminated each week. At the final week (17) this will leave us with 2 teams left to duke it out for the Survivor Bowl championship. May the best owner win. Rosters will be 9 starters and 6 bench. There will be a live snake draft. The draft order is based on how each team finished last season followed by the order in which you accepted the invite to take over as a new owner this season, waiver order will be opposite the draft order to begin the season. I will listen to any suggestions you may have after you join the league. As I did with the NBA and MLB leagues, new youtube clips and LM Polls will be posted on LM Note each week for your enjoyment. I also constantly check for inactive owners, they will be replaced or the next eliminated if they become inactive. Being eliminated from the competition does not mean that you will be deleted from this league. You will be allowed to stay on after you're eliminated to see who wins the championship. However, if you try and add players after you have been eliminated, you will then be deleted from the league. *The tiebreaker if needed for an elimination will be the most total starters points for that particular week. *the votes required to veto a trade are currently at 9. Once eliminations begin, the votes to veto will drop down a vote after every 2 teams are eliminated.
  6. Draft will probably be this saturday evening at 8 or 9pm ET if we can get enough owners/interest.