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  1. Struggling hard to decide whether to play NO or BUFF or CAR... NO feels like they will be lights out at home... but Teddy... sigh
  2. Except... we don't know how Browns operate with two RBs and Saints have been operating with two RBs successfully for years... and Kareem Hunt is no bum.
  3. Getting Cordy Glenn back next week and Mixon's touches have been increasing - from 8, 14, 17, to 19 this week.
  4. Well based on Dr Chao's analysis he said he "may" miss next week and it's a mild ankle sprain.. So let's hope it's a day-to-day scenario and misses only one week.
  5. Quote by Josh McDaniel their Offensive Coach: "“He’s ready to go, he practices well, he practices hard, he really studies the game plan. He’s moved into multiple positions this year, whereas last year he was more in one spot most of the time. And honestly, I need to do a better job of finding ways to get him the ball throughout the course of the game in whatever role or position that we’re asking him to play.Read more at:" Wooopie
  6. Curious to see what others think as well. Fantasy pro has Hill as Ingram's cuff.
  7. He could be wrong but he just said Adams may not miss any time and if he does maybe one week or something...
  8. I remember a few years ago or was it a year ago he got carted out like he wasn't going to be able to play football ever again.. and he came back the week after. I am hoping he is a fast healer and can come back soon or later.
  9. Lol other doctors like Chao have suggested that it is possible for a two week return.
  10. Any thoughts on Ebron if Hilton is out? I have a feeling Hilton will at least be out a week with the quad injury.
  11. He should be decent against the Raiders... but could be really bad if the Raiders struggle mightily against the Vikes D. It can potentially look like the game against the Falcons. However, next week against CHI and so on... does not look too good. Probably would be best to sell him after this week.
  12. I mean we've seen coaches do this countless times where they stick by their worse runningbacks... also if you say actions speak louder than words, you just saw how he was utilized in the game yesterday. He was targeted much more than Chark and they even had a run-play designed for him.
  13. What is his value now that AB is released? Trying to gauge his trade value.