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  1. Monty Golladay - Moore - Lockett
  2. Thanks guys. Go with the Rookies. Lamb Dobbins IN OBJ OUT...ouch
  3. Locked: Metcalf - Golladay - OBJ Flex: Gallup - Lamb - Dobbins Who @flex ? I see a good game script for Dobbins. Choose the RB's upside over the Dallas duo?
  4. Standard. Taylor and Metcalf locked in. Have to add one RB and one WR: Mixon - Fournette - Kelley Lamb - Golladay - Beckham Thanks for the help
  5. Yes. Go with Parker and Gallup.
  6. Standard. Metcalf locked in. Have to pick two others WRs between Golladay - OBJ - Shenault - Lamb Leaning towards the rookies.
  7. Started him but soo tough this week. I see Slayton and Lamb doing damage
  8. Standard scoring. WR Gallup W/T Lamb My other options: Metcalf (vs NE), Slayton, Shenault, RuggsIII, Goedert My opponent has Dak at QB!
  9. I'll hold a little bit more to see how Phila offense develop. But yeah, Minshew or Burrow. He will be better as the season goes on. Thanks for helping mine!
  10. Standard. Only 6 team League Trying to acquire the NO standout. My WRs: Golladay, Obj, Metcalf, Gallup, Slayton, RuggsIII, Lamb, Shenault Jr Plan to put him in IR and then grab a free agent: Sanders, P.Campbell, Deebo, Jeudy, Watkins, Mario Williams... Good move?
  11. I'd go with Burrow for Tanehill and considering Hardman over Crowder.
  12. Agree. Right now it's a hold. Freeman also didn't sign with the Jags
  13. Yeah, It's the negatives of all the risky choices I made (see Tampa RBs and rookies ) But should be a really fun ride.
  14. Only 6 teams. Non ppr league. 2 RB 2 Flex in line up. My RBs: Barkley - D.Henry - Mixon - Fournette - Taylor - Akers - Swift - Rojo Waiver wire full of 2nd/3rd string Rbs. It may sound crazy but this got me thinking. And then I read this: Week 16 ( hypothetical final ) Giants @ Baltimore Denver @ Chargers Miami @ Raiders I know it's way to early but..what would you do?