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  1. They are choosing between old people who has a multi-organic failure of more than three vital organs ( it means that you have a one hundred percent mortality rate ) and people who can be really saved. Unfortunately there is an imbalance between hospital resources, ICU beds and critically ill people. They are facing the ordinary and the extraordinary at the same time because that's what happens when a pandemic suddenly hits you so hard. By the way, I think Italy has more doctors per capita then US but thanks for the business link man.
  2. Being offered this: his Ayton + J.Murray for my Capela + Elfrid should I accept? Only 8 team h2h league with DD and TD Sort of semi punt points team now. This should boost points, 3s and FT but slightly decrease REB, AST and DD.
  3. You gain either way! I'd be worried about Kat ros too since Minny is so bad.
  4. Thanks guys. Yeah, I suppose it's a long shot. But I'm focusing myself on predict how they will play and not how they are playing. Capela has a bruised heel but Rockets rely on him so much that he can maintain this production all year, I hope, barring injuries. I really like Ayton ROS. He's quite fresh ( or should be ) and as we said has a great playoff schedule on a team playing for a playoff spot. Can be also Ayton for Capela straight up. Leaning to boost the FT% and PTS.
  5. Not a fan of Lauri here so I'd definitely try to move him. But plus Shai is too much. Try to gamble on Ayton with less. Love + Lauri for Ayton + Adams? You are pretty strong on 3s.
  6. Tough call. Both Trae and Ingram are playing really well while PG and RW are quite capped for the long run but even so, pairing them with Butler, Isaac, Capela and the others would be nasty.
  7. 8 team h2h league with double double and triple double. Currently 1st so want to gamble on a strong second half by Ayton with his juicy playoff schedule and Lonzo if the Pels trade away Jrue. Is my Capela + Favors for his Ayton + Lonzo too much risky? Team in sig. I'm loaded of bigs so really strong on blocks and rebound. Also Gasol, Bryant, Noel, and WCS are in the WW ( just in case I will need to recover rebounds and blocks )
  8. The best way to finish this season. Prepare the blankets for the final, Dolphins! he is coming!
  9. Have to pick 2 between Cooper - Parker - Chark Cooper should be in although Dak's arm..right?
  10. Shallow League. Standard. WR Hopkins WR Davante Adams WR Cooper FLEX Parker - Perriman - Chark ??
  11. 11 cat. Standard 9 plus DD and TD In the end didn't put the n.1 claim on him cause yesterday played very poorly. In fact he is still in the WW. Keeping an eye on him
  12. I'd drop Ball over Nance only because of the amount of guards. But I think he will improve, actually. Try but keep an eye on him. In my league someone has drop BroLo too. https://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/792014-brook-lopez-dropped-whir/
  13. What about Detroit's situation and latest rotoworld blurb? Do you guys see any bad scenario going forward?
  14. It depends on your need but I would go for Gasol and kinda wait for Prince to sort it out. If you need bigs go with Zeller too, now that PJ is out. Keep an eye on Ingles and Wood as Conley may be back soon and Griffin may be out. Thanks for helping mine!
  15. 8 team h2h (DD-TD) Swapping Thybulle - Gasol tomorrow. Drop Bryant, put PJ on IL and claim (N.1 ) Brook ? Notable FA: Anunoby Powell Bridges Kennard Redick WCS Team in Sig
  16. Same in mine. I'm going to add him tomorrow morning. Read Toronto may trade for TT. Is there any chance they will try to pursue a big man and play Gasol from the bench? Wow. Someone has just dropped B.Lopez too. No country for "old" men.
  17. Like the gamble. Just put him in for D. Montgomery
  18. Conley - Lazard Chicago D has slightly decreased but get a look at the freezing GB. Might be a hard running day.
  19. Carson and Jones are in. Have to pick 2 between Gordon - Mixon - Montgomery - Mostert - Laird
  20. Carson - A.Jones - Mostert in line up Flex: Gordon - Montgomery - Laird - Mixon ? Who'd you pick? Leaning to D. Montgomery in the freezing GB