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  1. I'd hold Lamar and shop Kyler as the hype gets out of control this summer.
  2. His game tape is impressive. Rookie season, his touches weren't there off the bat, but he was incredibly efficient with them. Sophmore season, he seemed to get the bulk of the workload sooner (week 3 & 4), but wasn't as efficient and got hurt earlier in the season. He really seemed to be taking hold of the backfield before he got injured both seasons.
  3. Sorry for misleading. I thought it made sense, but understood. Agree, there are so many questions... the talent is there. It really comes down to two simple things: Availability and Opportunity.
  4. It's a retrospective comment - a reference to the fact that he had another injury in 2019 after suffering an injury in 2018 during his rookie season. Another year, another injury.
  5. Another year, another injury for the soon to be 3rd year back out of Auburn. There's no denying the man's talent, but he can't stay on the field. The uncertainty will make Kerryon one of the bigger draft day gambles, but if he can put together a healthy season, he could pay off big time for those willing to take the risk. Will he make the Dalvin Cook jump and shake off the injury prone label? Will the Lions invest in RB this offseason? Do they scale back his workload knowing his injury history? Lots of open questions. Trust the talent, cream always rises, yada yada yada... Point blank... this is a make or break season for Kerryon Johnson.
  6. My EARLY List RB Derrius Guice - health remains the key concern, but has flashed elite upside. Still super young. RB Kerryon Johnson - see above RB David Montgomery - Don't know that Monty will ever be a top 5 RB, but a top 10 season is certainly possible in 2020. WR Michael Gallup - Gallup has the chance to be the clear #1 for Dallas if they can't get Cooper signed. WR Deebo Samuel - Young offense, flashed upside at times in 2019. WR Hunter Renfrow - Poor mans Cooper Kupp. TE Hunter Henry - It has to happen eventually, right? TE Noah Fant - Size, speed, athleticism to be a top 10 TE this season.
  7. So many things went wrong last night. It can really only get better from here. Between Mitch's poor RPO decisions, Nagy's playcalling/personnel usage and just the overall lack of offensive rhythm, it was disappointing. Watching the tape, Montgomery looked solid on a night where most didn't perform well. Be patient, stay the course and trust in his talent.
  8. Agree, but could even see Dorsett above Harry. Especially given the established rapport with Tommy.
  9. Hamstring strains/pulls are typically an area of concern as players typically compensate for the bad knee when they initially return. ACL injuries certainly aren't what they used to be and most young players seem to recover well. Most require 6-9 month recovery timelines. Hunter tore his ACL back in May during OTAs last season, so he's had over 15 months to recover. He's 100%, historically efficient, and will be a favorite of Phil.
  10. I'm back in on Parker.... again. Help.
  11. Why isn't there more talk about Moncrief? Seems entrenched as the clear #2. Serious upside this season. Could be a weekly WR 2.
  12. Rotoworld in general has been a major letdown this season. All the major columns are draft guide previews. The player news feed doesn’t seem to be nearly as busy as it’s been in years past.