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  1. Will Fuller is a pussy. I take full responsibility for thinking this vagina could actually make it through a game unscathed
  2. Will Fuller questionable to return (torn vagina)
  3. This was originally posted in the Saquon thread, but got moved to CSB btw
  4. I was beyond thrilled to get the #1 pick, knowing I'd get to have him on my team. Being a Penn State fan, and seeing how unbelievably electric this guy can be, he's the guy you dream of owning in fantasy. Fun to watch and (capable of being) a beast. It just didn't pan out this season, for a number of reasons. Injuries, playcalling, coaching. Anyone who's conflating his lack of fantasy production with lack of talent needs a reminder that it's... fantasy. We've seen talented RBs not produce countless times due to situation. Which makes the Giants decision to draft him look all the more idiotic; even a generational talent at RB, like Barkley, is just way too vulnerable to situation. RBs are the last piece in the puzzle of roster construction Given that the rest of my team busted as well, I'm not as upset with him as some of the other owners are though. Could CMC have saved my season? Definitely possible, but oh well. Gurley, OBJ, and the rest of my s---y team sank my chances just as much as Saquon did.
  5. I'm pretty happy with mine, no need to project your attitude on to me. 😇
  6. What were you saying, clown? I can't hear you over the circus music
  7. Goodness. This guy ***** all over your Lord (Covington). Think we found a real one fellas
  8. Just wow. He's actually worse than waiver wire material
  9. Drafted: Curry Vucevic OPJ Hayward Turner Griffin Ill see you all next year.
  10. You made the right call, but not for the right reasons. Even though DJ did look like he lost a step, he was still producing solid fantasy value and was an RB1 like he was drafted to be. He wasn't a bad pick at the time, volume is king in FF. That he got hurt and they traded for Drake, was not something that could be predicted. And for the people who say that DJ hasn't lost a step, watch the game. And compare it to 2016. Or just visit a Cardinals fanbase page like Reddit, they're as down on him as fantasy owners are and they watch every game. He doesn't look close to the RB he was in 2016.
  11. Replace Lowry with Curry, add Hayward and Otto Porter, and you got my team this is becoming comical at this point. I’m losing a player a night
  12. Don’t need to imagine when I own them both. Believe it or not I’d still call OBJ a bigger bust. Gurley is at least lucking his way into TDs most weeks
  13. First place team in my league drafted Justin Tucker in the 3rd round. Meanwhile I've compiled over 2k posts on Rotoworld forums and am in 9th place (not last anymore!). Strategy for next year: draft like an idiot