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  1. Is Booker worth buying low on or do we think he's not going to back bounce this year? Points league...
  2. I just took a dump and it looked better than Derek Carr looks today
  3. Goodbye JAGychal Hasty, thanks for making us look like 🤡 for starting you
  4. Those of us who started Hasty looking like 🤡
  5. As a Hasty owner, I’ve seen enough of this game.... Dark Souls and bourbon it is
  6. Hasty owners on suicide watch. Source, Hasty owner
  7. Anyone else own both CEH and Jonathan Taylor? I've never seen two players go from RB1s to RB3s so quickly. Besides Carson, literally none of my RBs have hit this season, despite having some good prospects. CEH is unstartable, who the f--- knows what is going on with JT, Kelley is the biggest JAG to come down the pike since Trent Richardson, Henderson can't be trusted in that offense, James White ******** sucks this year. 6 different RBs and only one is playable. f***in' nightmare.
  8. Rolling with Tampa. Good luck everyone
  9. There's also the fact that Turner KNEW he was COVID positive and still was out there taking off his mask and hugging people. That's pretty low, and doesn't really compare to people who have no idea if they have COVID. imo, of course.
  10. What a dickhead. From saying no to security, to taking off his mask right next to cancer survivor Dave Roberts, to going around hugging people and kissing his wife, that was pretty disgraceful by Turner. MLB and the Dodgers org bear much of the responsibility for letting him play after an inconclusive test. It's obvious that they pushed for game 7 to stay on schedule, and prayed that the final game of the season could go on without a hitch. Manfred should step down, but I think we all know that's not gonna happen.
  11. Eagles are in as good of a spot as anyone, and I'd be all over that pick if I hadn't used em last week
  12. In a vacuum, yeah it does looks like a self-centered thought. just to clarify, i was responding directly to the other guy saying that was his exact strategy. I'm sure people hold players on their bench for all sorts of reasons though and not just one single reason. And I know that the blame lies on me for my roster management, not on my leaguemates. I'm just here to vent, and I know it's not always rational lol Anyway, hope we cool 🤝
  13. Self-centered? Really, dude? I was responding specifically to leffe186, who said that part of his strategy is having QBs so that other teams won't have them. That isn't self-centered, it's a strategy that some people employ. Don't attack me for responding to something someone else said. What is your problem?
  14. Green Bay is also at home against Chicago in week 12, which is shaping up to be the hardest week of the year for survivor pools.
  15. In a pool like that I would be 100% going Philly this week, as there's no guarantee they even make the playoffs, much less win a game then edit: I missed that there's only a handful of people left for you, so picking KC this week is actually probably fine
  16. Yeah I was talking about a 10 team league, and imo there is no more replaceable position in a 10 team league than QB. I mean I'm annoyed that I'm probably going to have to start Teddy Bridgewater this week, but he's still not a terrible play. And that's the thing about hoarding QBs, you may be screwing over your opponent a little, but they will still always have a viable play on the waiver wire in 10 team leagues. And I will never trade for a QB in 10 team leagues, so what you have is a player sitting on your bench all season who has zero trade value, and is only going to be used in the bye we
  17. I guess it just comes down to a difference in strategy. i like using my bench for high upside lottery stashes. I don’t use my bench to screw over the one or two other teams out there who waited on QB because it doesn’t help my team enough (especially not in 10 team leagues). And I don’t use my bench for a 1 week bye fill-in because there’s just not enough value in that to warrant a bench spot
  18. I really hate playing in leagues where everyone stashes a backup QB, mostly because it throws a wrench in my QB streaming plans lol. Like if you own Mahomes or Lamar in a 10 team league, you do not need Burrow or Wentz stashed on your bench. For f---'s sake.
  19. Thought I had lost the week coming into tonight for sure. Started Cam Newton who gave me -0.18 points, and Carson who gave me 4.6. Ended up winning by 1 thanks to ARob and the Rams D combining for 23 fantasy points. I'm now 2-5 instead of 1-6. 😁
  20. Look up JAG in the dictionary and this will be the accompanying picture:
  21. I'm kind of annoyed that I took on all that risk playing Philly on Thursday night, and now thanks to another QB injury in Dallas, they're looking like a respectable play this week. I also like Tampa on the road facing the G-men, KC is a good play like always, and GB is also in play.
  22. Q: Why are you bragging about your team in the Vent & Rant Thread?
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