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  1. Will any defense be able to stop this run game? This is just pathetic that the Saints have two RB1s and no defense can shut it down.
  2. Have Lewis this week against a guy with Burkhead who's been falling a** backwards into a ridiculous team. Makes sense.
  3. Standard 8 man, draft deadline is tomorrow morning. Team: QB: Wilson RB: Hyde, McCaffrey, Dion Lewis, AP, Latavius Murray WR: AJG, M. Thomas, D. Thomas, T. Hill, Larry Fitzgerald, Corey Davis TE: Ertz D: Bengals K: Zurlein
  4. 8 man standard, would you trade AJG for Hunt here? My team is below. My Team: QB - Wentz RB- Hyde, AP, L. Murray, McCaffrey, Blount, Burkhead WR - M. Thomas, T. Hill, E. Sanders, AJ Green, Corey Davis, D. Thomas TE - Evan Engram D - Lions K - Elliot
  5. What does it say? AP can't catch and they had no time to swap out when they got close. If you put AP in, Seattle knows for a fact it's a run. I don't think it means that much, it's just what they had to do.
  6. I'm hoping that the Cards accidentally make a hole for Peterson one of these plays.
  7. They really call a run there when they can't get more than 2 yards a rush? Terrible call.
  8. I need a big game from him and not a big game from Baldwin. Here's hoping!
  9. Ok, so scratch the Peterson/Hill one. Would you guys do Michael Thomas and McCaffrey instead?
  10. What about Michael Thomas and McCaffery for Hunt instead?
  11. Standard 8 man. Would you take T.Hill and Peterson for Hunt? My Team: QB - Cam RB- Abdullah, Hunt, Darkwa, Lynch, Ivory, Mckinnon WR - Landry, Nelson, Agholor, TE - Brate D - Dolphins, Steeler, Lions K - Elliot, Forbath
  12. In standard, would you take Adrian Peterson and Tyreek Hill for Hunt?
  13. I'm loving the TD celebrations. I'm watching this to be entertained and I want to see players having a great time while playing, not a bunch of souless automatons going through the motions.
  14. Wilson doing his very best to make me lose this week.