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  1. Sounds like a great idea to have a group for all 4 sports, and I love the prospects angle. I’m definitely interested: ms7666alt@gmail.com
  2. When is the draft? If it’s this weekend, I’m interested ms7666alt@gmail.com
  3. If there is still an opening I’d be interested: ms7666alt@gmail.com
  4. If you reschedule and need another owner, send me an invite: msalt7666@gmail.com
  5. If you have a league like this, send me an invite at msalt7666@gmail.com
  6. I joined but saw that the same guy owns two teams. That doesn’t sound great for a money league. What’s the story there?
  7. I'm interested -- send me an e-mail with which teams are available: msalt7666@gmail.com
  8. I'm interested if you're still looking msalt7666@gmail.com