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  1. White and Barner aren't guys that can take more than 5-10 carries a game at most. Michel and Burkhead are going to EAT. I love Michel though because I don't trust Rexy's durability over the long haul.
  2. Losing feeling in your fingers due to an elbow injury is certainly a bad sign. I don't see any way that he plays this weekend and it could be a long term injury from what I just read on ulnar nerves or whatever (not a doctor).
  3. I don't think BB will agree with you on that
  4. Interested in others thoughts in this discussion.
  5. I have a bad feeling that Jeremy Hill could snake this job somehow. I have Michel and Hill in one league due to that feeling. Burkhead has always struggled staying healthy and Michel is fumble prone and not the power type back that Hill is/can be in a good spot.
  6. No way the Packers don't try out both Jones and Williams in lead back roles this season IMO. Why not see what both guys can do with Rodgers healthy and everything back to somewhat normal OL wise as well. Determine who they like best and stick with them.
  7. Well, considering Aaron Jones is a better runner and TMont a much better 3rd down receiving threat, I'll take these guys ahead of him currently Hyde (no brainer) Dion Lewis (PPR no brainer) Coleman (PPR for sure) Barber (3 down back yes please) Burkhead/Michel (if I had 1/2 other RB's by then, I'd gamble on those guys potentially)
  8. No way I'm touching him in the 5th-6th round. You can get much more reliable RB's in those rounds. I have one share of him in my five leagues. Should have snatched him up in a couple others earlier on, but I just worry that he's Eddie Lacy in an offense that COULD be playing Ty Montgomery a lot in the passing game.
  9. You can't see taking the easy WR2 on a team that doesn't have a TE threat with Brees at QB but can see yourself spending the same pick on a WR2 on a team with 2 good TE's and Winston at QB?
  10. Got him late in a dynasty league and in best ball leagues. Why not?
  11. I keep ending up with ARob in every draft. I'm really hoping he's healthy this season. That is my only real concern honestly.
  12. I paired Michel+Hill late in my draft last night as well. I think if anything happens to Burkhead which is likely given his injury issues and never being a heavily used guy, I'll have the stranglehold on the NE backfield minus White catching passes.
  13. My thoughts are the 6th is fair given his projected workload but I don't want to reach like crazy. I'm thinking the 8th-9th should still be enough to snag him hopefully. Depending on what the Yahoo queue looks like
  14. Who should be ARob be scared of competition wise? Miller is a talented rookie for sure and Gabriel is a gadget play guy. Kevin White is mercurial and I doubt he plays much. Burton is the only legit TE now as well.
  15. When do you think this guy will go in PPR drafts right NOW? My guess is round 7-8 at least?