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  1. smh multiple games to an avacado, more games for a busted lip. Beast on the court but man these "minor injuries" are frustrating. Especially considering he suffered this one with 14 secs left in the whole game
  2. Dont think it's vetoable as others have mentioned. Would rather have harden though.
  3. Trade Ibaka for Aaron Gordon? 10 team h2h points on ESPN. Already have Drummond, Ayton,Favors, Gasol, ibaka and Doom at PF/C and we only start a PF,C, and a PF/C. Ingles is my only SF eligible player right now. Gordon has SF on ESPN
  4. Made 3 finals and lost them all. Lost carson in 2, had Hopkins in 2, ekeler in 2. Smh. I dont know why I bother
  5. And final nail in the coffin. Carson limping to the locker room. His Barkley gets 40 while seattle ***** the bed.
  6. 3rd and short better give it to CJ Prosise. SCREW YOU CARROL
  7. I'm an idiot for relying on Washington over proven players like Cook/Thielen
  8. seattle picking a great time to play like **** at home. Carson against a soft run defense. Betther drop back 3 straight plays.
  9. Mike Williams got DPI'd in the EZ.. so effing typical
  10. of course Mike Will DPI'd twice already including in the EZ. f--- this
  11. these raiders corners are trash and Chargers have only taken like 2 deep shots
  12. Opponent had Saquan, Tanny, and Kittle. I sat Jared Cook for D-Wash. Curse continues...3 straight finals losses in the same league. Bills status
  13. Mike Will and D Wash doing nada. going to cost me. Shouldve ran the 2 TE lineup but i bottled it