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  1. This has the makings of Steven Jackson 2.0. Maybe not the same guy anymore, and not efficient, but the only guy in town, and will produce value due to TDs potentially. Only thing holding him back is injury...which is also real. How much reward is there really for Gurley in the third?
  2. He's over Green, Gallup, Landry, Sutton, and Boyd for me. McLaurin can break out this year...again.
  3. There's always a receiver super hyped up this year ready for a breakout and domination. DJ Moore was very good last year...but Kyle Allen wasn't awful, and did throw the ball a bit farther down the field. There's risk here in the QB, the coaching staff, you're right. I'm just falling into the whole "one WR gets super hyped" and flops every year. Last year was JuJu (Although not entirely fair, he still flopped.) Could this year be DJ Moore? Curtis Samuel is a good fit for Bridgewater, and Robby should get targets. Hell, Ian Thomas is also primed to move forward. Panthers will be playing from behind alot, and could lead this to be a low scoring team...
  4. The Austin Hooper / Njoku / Hunt reception squeeze could be real and this could be that year the volume doesn't sustain. He had a career high 14.1 YPR, which is roughly 15-25% higher than his career average. He averaged 6-8 targets a game last quarter of last season. I don't know- he is meh, hence his price tag. He may beat it slightly, but it's a crowded WR depth chart this year in fantasy.
  5. He is basically Fitz' Brandon Marshall...just throw it up and get it. BTW- he performed pretty good against White and Gilmore last year. And Casey Hayward. Only concern is volume going down with Tua probably more smartly moving the ball, as well as target distance. There is risk here with a QB change since Tua is not a guarantee...and if Fitz turns back into the pumpkin as usual. I like him though- he's a physical force
  6. Low-end QB1 is in his realm of outcomes as long as he's active and starts all year. The 20-40 rushing yards baseline already gives him a passing TD built in. And if he throws for say, 24-26 TDs and keeps the turnovers down, he can add a few rushing scores and be a QB1... He's one of the guys worth waiting on this year. I agree with the poster above that Daniel Jones and Minshew would be a Minshew safe / Jones upside combo. Also- vs Colts at home in JAX week 1. I know the Colts D is probably improved, but I'm sure they can be moved on. Potential for a 46-48 over/under.
  7. I remember Duke Johnson truthers saying Hyde's nothing to scoff at. However, at this stage in the game, for a one-year deal (Texans traded a pick last year for Hyde...although it's the Texans we're talking about), I don't see this being a signficant issue. Best case for Hyde- Carson and Penny aren't ready for camp and are questionable for week 1, and Hyde will get some work. Worst case for Hyde- he just sits as depth, and is even flat out cut before the season due to Homer and Dallas looking like OK prospects. Carson's the guy as long as he's healthy, Hyde will split if Carson is limited, Hyde will start if Carson and Penny are on PUP for some reason. Hyde will have value if one of those two get hurt throughout the season (good chance). I'm valuing Hyde as a later-round flyer who will rise sharply if the Carson news isn't good before camp.
  8. 99%ile in almost all of those metrics. Insane. One of the freakiest prospects ever. Player Profiler has him comped to Andre Johnson traits. It's nuts to think AJ Brown is actually the same weight as him but 3 inches shorter. Those dudes should've done way better in college but horrible college offenses. Anyways, Metcalf seems like a screaming dynasty buy if people are still doubting it. However, being tethered to Elite QBs leave you in the best situations. I don't think Lockett is the #1, but however an excellent #2 and deep threat. Is this the case going forward?
  9. What's wrong with 15-20 touches for Sanders next year? He's almost a 5 YPC and 10 YPR guy. 1000 yards rushing, 500 yards receiving, potential double digit TD's? This is Dalvin Cook lite.
  10. On one hand, there's coach speak. On the other hand, we're approaching year 3 and this guy's NFL bread and butter is a passing down back at best. Then they take a RB with a premium pick. This guy catching 10 passes in any game is nonsense. That said, seems like an ugly timeshare. If Taylor gets 250 touches in his rookie year, I'd be jumping for joy. I'd rather have Tarik Cohen than this guy.
  11. He is a threat for double digit TD's and 1200 yards. No joke being tethered to Russ. There's really good value here in Metcalf vs. AJ Brown- who basically were the same players last year. AJ Brown just more publicity and splash plays. Metcalf's the true #1. I guess the question is will the tight ends be more involved this year due to no injuries?
  12. Good post. Question- what's wrong with buying the entire backfield for 2020? It's a 4th and a 7th rounder for probably guaranteed RB2 production all year. Isn't that worth the price of admission, or are you betting too much on the Ravens sustaining, instead of crazy regression?
  13. I think so- he was still pretty good last year but could also be because of the system and Lamar. It's possible him and Dobbins flip flop as the year progresses. Depending on Ingram and Dobbins ADP, it could be very stable to invest in the entire running game (Ingram round 4, Dobbins round 6-7) and lock in the backfield.
  14. Looking like the general public is catching onto him, now that Ben's throwing. If Diontae is drafted in the value.
  15. Looks like an all underrated team to me...aside from Singletary possibly. He already had a hard path to RB2 last year...not sure if Zack Moss helps or hurts if he assumes at the very least the Gore role.