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  1. Chiefs signed him when they already had salary cap space to blow. Wink wink nod nod Andy Reid McCoy agreement. Unfortunately Andy's hands are tied because Damian is so far superior when healthy at this stage.
  2. This- he's getting paid to do nothing and to be on the super bowl ride. I'm sure he wants to play and prove he has something left but he probably doesn't- just a lot of tread used up.
  3. His rushing yards a huge boon to his fantasy stock. Literally 2 - 3 point floor just from rushing attempts alone. Those won't be going away.
  4. Low-end RB1 at minimum pending any backfield changes. Continuity is good, and he just looks the part. Maybe TD's go down, but he should at least be a 250 touch guy.
  5. Concerned with his 2020 outlook considering the workload and he's just a huge specimen.
  6. So glad he had his best games too late...should show confidence next year but we'll see
  7. Rotoworld blurb is insane. All shapes and sizes top 5 PIck?
  8. team pace and play volume doesn’t help. Basically you’re drafting a 16-18 touch guy and is a 70-80 receiving guy. Looking like he may turn out like Reggie bush which isn't terrible. I'd take him at the turn with an elite WR or another possible bellcow. I wouldn't feel great if he's my rb1
  9. Absolutely mind boggling decision they don't trust they can get the ball back? Maybe they thought they could get some yardage here but man that was bad. Josh Allen choked huge
  10. Given the context of scoring being tough this game this is an epic meltdown. Allen literally lost 30 yards on his own from those sacks
  11. This game gonna push up singletary ADP a few spots...
  13. This national game gonna let the singletary 2020 hype out the bottle