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  1. I cut bait...last week was enough for me. Herbert had almost 40 pts and mike had 0.8. See ya...will kill you more often than not.
  2. Gonna be a bit hard to decipher for a little while. Only way I can see consistent value for all is if their running game is reduced and the WR end arounds are increased...always a possibility with the way the NFL is going.
  3. Who's ready for a post-bye colts team to hopefully unleash this guy? At detroit looks like a RB1 finish to me..
  4. Look at this egregious mismanagement of target allocation lol...insanity. Titans- get it together. Receptions, yards, YPR, TD, Long reception, and targets at the end
  5. they are doing well lol. What has josh Allen proven the last few weeks? He had a blazing hot start, and now is not the same. They are taking away the deep ball and there’s no running game to threaten. No effective play action, no screen game, wheel routes, nothing. its **** play calling and they want to just jam up the middle out of shotgun formation every play. These rbs need a head of steam.
  6. One of those outlier guys who is truly elite with every target he gets...hope he can keep this up. 4 TDs in 3 games is pretty crazy. Double digit TD's looks in reach. Watched his 70 yard td...dude literally gallops like a Gazelle. It's unreal how much ground he makes with his strides.
  7. Nope- see my posts above lol. still think he has the talent to overcome, but I am blaming a lot on coaching and not utilizing his skillset. Singletary should receive 4-5 receptions minimum, but Josh Allen is too inept to even proceed to check it down. Beasley seems to be getting the 'check downs' instead.
  8. Only going to drop if there's someone out there with ascending value. I've made mistakes of making obvious drops only for them to turn it around. I do think he is talented but maybe he isn't talented enough to overcome the situation of poor run blocking, or defenses still aren't scared of Josh Allen.
  9. Could be a PPR Monster in this offense...thought he was a better receiver than Carson.
  10. Projected 11 half-ppr points next week...someone on ESPN thinks he's ready to contribute but then again McKinnon had this projection last week too. I do think he's going to get flex level touches next week...anyone else?
  11. Whoops...shoulda listened to Jetdog and just held onto this guy.
  12. They are too terrible a team right now to even be considered a heavy favorite. Fortunately Dallas is even more terrible but look at the Jets this week- they were not a pushover. No one is a pushover in the NFL for long.
  13. This thread is so quiet for him being out for the season lol. Sounds like all of us owners are just relieved we don't have to discuss him anymore nor fret starting him. Hope he bounces back- but those leg injuries are piling up, and am not sure he will be the same. Definitely needs to show health and Browns need to flip him as soon as they can.
  14. It's incredibly hard for me to part with Hunt due to his bellcow status along with his efficiency when Chubb is healthy. Chubb's already been hurt this year- there's no guarantee he will be right at all this season. Also, the browns RB situation is one of the best in the league. It's not out of the realm of possibilities the browns -improve- without Beckham. Therefore, you'll be hard pressed to find anything of value in a trade. Doesn't hurt to try to package him and someone else to get a top tier RB but it might be overpaying.
  15. I would only think that a contender would give up anything of value as this is looking like a one-year rental for them with possibility of re-signing. I'd only feel good about GB as he would be open all day long. I'm thrilled he hasn't been significantly hurt and has reached the bye with no setbacks.