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  1. He quit throwing it because it hurt his arm...maybe not
  2. I guess he should have said that "no intelligent manager in their right mind would trade FOR Lincecum"...I'm kidding. Honestly, I think it would be a very bold move to try to acquire Lincecum at this point. You could get him on the cheap, but I am very worried about his chances of rebounding.
  3. I think his struggles have a lot more to do with his pitching than his opponent. He has had two tough assignments, but the lack of velocity and slider is the issue.
  4. Yeah, I'm not buying low on a guy that is this far off from his norm. Lincecum is a great pitcher, albeit a guy that is really unconventional. If it's mechanical then he might be able to fix it, but it's not like Dave Raghetti (sp?) can just line him out. No other pitcher in the world does what he does. If it's an injury, then he could be out for some time. I don't want to trade for an injured guy. He's a guy that can't get people out with his fastball and can't throw his slider. You can only throw so many changeups. Changeups are just that....a change of pace. It's a complimentary pitch. Without a fastball, the changeup loses a lot of its effectiveness. EIther way, I see a DL stint in his near future. The Giants aren't going to keep throwing him out there when he's this bad.
  5. I don't know....all the comments about the slider hurting his elbow really raised my eyebrows and now he's struggling. I've been a big Lincecum fan since he came into the league and I really think that he's either going through a dead arm period or just hurt.
  6. I think his elbow is bothering him as a result of throwing so many sliders last season. They can blame in on the Arizona air, or them hurting his hand all they want. I don't think he's 100%.
  7. CarGo just smashed his 2nd triple of the night. Lincecum knows his fastball is garbage and he's throwing almost all offspeed stuff. When you come into the season and say you can't throw your slider because it hurts your arm and then lack fastball velocity and throw your slider because you have to...not a good thing. I bet 50% of his pitches this inning have been changeups. I think he'll be on the DL soon. Something isn't right.
  8. Still seeing a lot of 91 mph fastballs from Lincecum. The announcers were saying that he'd picked it up to 93-94 in the 1st inning, but I didn't actually see it. When I've seen the radar gun on TV, it's said 90-91. He's not looking very sharp at all. 3-0 Rockies. He's off to a bad start and the Rockies have hit the ball pretty well. 3 ER, 3 hits and a walk through 1.1 IP.
  9. Much better inning. He was throwing a lot of those sliders that he was supposedly canning because they were hard on his arm.
  10. He's recovered a bit, but he really doesn't look as sharp as normal. He's going to need to rely on his offspeed stuff more than usual if his FB velocity is going to be around 90.
  11. His fastball velocity over the years... 2007- 93.6 2008- 94.0 2009- 92.4 2010- 91.2 2011- 92.2 Today it's been closer to 90 than 91. I just saw an 89.
  12. He threw a center cut pitch that I thought was a fastball (gametracker says slider) to Chris Young. Young smashed it.
  13. ....2 minutes later, a Chris Young HR. Seeing a lot of 90-91 from Lincecum...not a good sign.
  14. Before the season really gets started I would like to go on the record and say that Tim Lincecum will have his worst statistical season. I believe that he will be the 3rd best pitcher on his own team.
  15. I think Lincecum will be the 3rd best SP on his own team...