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  1. James Coiner is an atheist and laughs hysterically at people who pray. Or he's really happy that Derek Carr is about to get sacked for a safety.
  2. Connor, Jones and Chubb. Pretty sure I'll put him in over Chubb.
  3. Access to the greatest clubs without waiting in line. TV/radio jobs available without going to journalism school/grinding. Pulling unlimited trim despite being ugly as sin with a tiny d!ck. Plenty Of privileges one foregoes when they screw up their nfl career.
  4. Any chance he comes in if they start to fall behind and Daniel looks like garbage? Just because they're playing it safe not starting him doesn't neccessarily mean he's unavailable. Not that that will help fantasy owners.
  5. I just picked him up as KA insurance because my WR depth sucks and the WW is bare. I don't think he has much stand-alone value.
  6. All of this. The switches so far were justifiable. Another switch would not be, unless it's to the 3rd stringer.
  7. With Trubs questionable, I'm dropping Howard for Winston.
  8. I'm fortunate to have 3 or 4 better options this week, but I can't imagine many situations in which he can be benched.
  9. How tempered? KA has 7 of 9 games between 12 and 20 pts. 1 game at 24 and 1 game at 7. Averaging 15.78 ppg. Steady as a rock. Alshon has 3 of 6 games over 20 pts and 3 of 6 games under 9 pts. Averaging 15.98 ppg. Boom/Bust type. I can't imagine Philly not throwing a LOT.
  10. I kept screaming for a screen play! Gosh, I love McCarthy.
  11. Considering benching for Alshon or Watkins. Sad times when I consider sitting KA.
  12. Pass to Adams, lateral to Jones for the TD. Adams gets the reception, Jones gets credit for a receiving TD.
  13. After he relegated Ebron to what, 18% of snaps, coming off a 6 week injury layoff and put up numbers... Rolling ROS, no second guessing.
  14. Volunteers and hostages, working in harmony.
  15. Have both, rolling with Doyle. Can't pull the trigger on dropping Burton, though. Ugh.