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  1. Huge consequences like what? How’s it different than a bye week of rest? If they don’t have anything to play for I could easily see them limiting guys like AJ and tanny. This a very concerning last min twist.
  2. I’m well aware of julios production and have been mostly disappointed in him this year buuutttt not for a second have I considered sitting him. Hope it works out for ya
  3. After what Julio did last week you want to sit him? Lol.... sit someone else
  4. The chargers and rivers are so damn stupid. Can’t believe they have gone away from this stud. We should have no questions about starting him
  5. 12ppr Daq Eckler Mostert julio Godwin waller slayton TB Z gonzo got me in AJ Brown taking slayton spot D Washington maybe for mostert
  6. Was gonna ask this same question. I only have 5 guys I originally drafted left on 2 different rosters.
  7. I’m starting but also don’t have a choice. Played slayton over him last week and was lucky enough to win despite my stupid move. Won’t happen again. Let’s go AJ!
  8. This makes sense, but it’s NFL coaches we are talking about. And they can be true morons
  9. Lol. Same here minus The D. I was actually really concerned too