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  1. I think it's likely he sits out against Phoenix tonight then plays against Portland tomorrow. With his injury history, I doubt they bring him back in tonight right before a back to back.
  2. This guy has been hot trash. Especially considering the amount of time I wasted holding him while injured.
  3. His teammates missed a couple of good looks but yeah he didn't handle the ball as much as I was expecting he would. Of course it's just first game back so I won't worry myself too much yet.
  4. The 3P% isn't good (2/9 3PM) but the number of attempts in limited minutes is encouraging! Hoping he can knock down 2.5 per game once he's back in the flow of things.
  5. Agreed. Just yesterday dropped Hield over this scrub to grab Okafor. I'm so dumb.
  6. Let's see how the second half goes. I'm likely going to drop him tonight, even though I'm punting FG.
  7. Agreed. I was expecting far more of a breakout year. Chris Paul is gone but somehow his assists per game still haven't gone up from last year.
  8. I always feel like his line is a bit underwhelming up til the 4th quarter. Then he just goes off in the 4th. Every time.
  9. Yahoo just removed the GTD tag. Looks like Wall is back on the menu boys.
  10. Questionable to play today (illness). Was not able to go through shootaround.
  11. Just went out of the game. Apparently he was holding his knee? Did anyone see?
  12. Going off the court with a shoulder injury. Bumped into someone as he drove.
  13. Just went into the locker room. Walked in on his own with mild discomfort.