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  1. 12 team points league (they’re so fun, but it’s not as strategic as cats. I miss cats, but points keeps my league mates into it). Started with Steph, Jrue, Booker, Sabonis, Bam, Oubre, DRuss, RJ Barrett, Wiggins (flipped during his beast months with Troy Brown for Beal), Miles Bridges, Justice Winslow (turned down so many trade offers for him early 😩), Gary Harris, MPJ. Injuries ripped me early, I could’ve easily been the #1 seed; I lost so many matchups on Sunday. Out of desperation due to injuries and not having a 1st rounder, I traded Sabonis & Booker for Big KAT (huge mistake), but I’m the waiver wire sensei so I put the pieces together. Currently on the way to the 3rd seed if these last week matchups play out like I need them to. Flutz, Beal, Jrue, Daniel Theis, Bam, DRuss, Thad Young, James Johnson, Deing, Royce ONeal, Harry Giles, Lee from GS, & Steph (🙄). Big KAT is on the IR. If Steph & KAT come back and beast in the playoffs, I could be on my way to a 🏆, we’ll see.
  2. Knew I should’ve held smh. Betterthanzion guy where were you when I needed you? 😢
  3. I could send Bertans away for Murray right now, and I’m thinking about doing it, but nights like tonight are just 🥱
  4. I hope he’s okay. I have this week wrapped up so I’ll keep him until Monday. If your IR is full, don’t be afraid to let him fly!
  5. I’m looking to get into a category league, I run a points league and I miss the challenge or categories. ESPN only. Very active and very elite at fantasy.
  6. So what’s the temperature? Are you guys more on the stay away or hopeful train?
  7. With josh Richardson out, he’s a must own, right?
  8. I play in a points league and injuries have crippled me all season, I have Steph in my IR and RJ Barrett on my bench, I'm an idiot and a Knick fan, I can't drop RJ, and I can't drop Miles Bridges because I'm afraid he's going to be top 100 post ASB, and THJ plays tomorrow. Hanging on to an injured MPJ, I just can't do it. Not after Big KAT, Beal, DRuss, Jrue last week. His back is what landed him in Denver, they're going to take every precaution (rightfully so) to make sure he doesn't re-injure it, imo. I have injured player PTSD.
  9. Awww man, I have to win this week, I have to drop him smh. His back goes right when he's taking off, wow.
  10. Stamped! I'm banking on the post ASB production; I just can't bring myself to drop him. I need the Zion guy to come lift our spirits up and convince us to keep the faith.
  11. Was gonna drop to stream Brunson Incase Luka sits, but as a Big Kat owner, now there’s no way I can risk losing him. Man if KAT gets traded (doubt it), he can be a league winner.
  12. Why does everyone in my league swear that Beal will be shut down? Did I miss something?