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  1. Got offer - sending Anderson and Sanders for Mixon and AJ Brown. Which has better side? Full PPR - 8 teams QB - Murray, Herbert RB - Taylor, Conner, Sanders, Edmonds, Chubb WR - Julio, McLarien, Anderson, Jefferson, Evans TE - Smith, Engram K - Blankenship, Koo
  2. If I have Julio, I would not take Zeke in a heartbeat. You should have traded Zeke before it happened like I did.
  3. Prefer Russ side unless you get better RB than mixon
  4. Not sure if I should start two RB/3 WR or 3 RB/2 WR 8 teams full RB - Conner, Taylor, Sanders, Edmonds WR - Evan (already played), Anderson, Jefferson , McLaurin
  5. Who should I start? Saints vs Chargers Bills vs Titans