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  1. Since I have Winston and will mostly use him as starter, I have Foles as back up QB but Jags coach seems on fence between Foles and Minshew. Should I drop Foles for another QB? Available - Josh Allen, Darold, Daniel Jones, Tammy, or Fitzpatrick. Using full PPR, should I drop Marvin Jones for Metcalf or AJ Brown? I have Adams, Allen, DJ Moore, Ridley, MJones
  2. I don’t see that yet because my league will lock free agent pool for rest of the season. That’s why I keep two kickers in a case if one of them gets hurt.
  3. Should I drop him for AJ Brown or Metcalf? If so, which WR has better ROS? 8 teams full PPR QB - Winston, Foles RB - Cook, Fournette, Jacobs, Penny, Mathinson WR - Adams, DJ Moore, Ridley, Marvin Jones, K Allen TE - Kelce, Hollister K - Folk, Slye D - 49ers, Jets
  4. Yes I need 2 kickers because my league agents will be locked for rest of the season.
  5. I plan to get a second QB behind Winston, so I am not sure who I should release. Should I release Montgomery? 8 teams full PPR league. QB - Winston RB - Cook, Fournettee, Jacobs, Montgomery, Penny, Mathinson WR - Adams, Allen, DJ Moore, Ridley, MJones TE - Kelce, Hollister K - Syle, Myers
  6. I have Winston and Brissett. I think to release Brissett for other QB(s). FA are Darold, Foles or Cousins. - 8 teams full PPR
  7. Yes Go for it since you have nice RB core.
  8. I really like Kittle ROS better than Kelce but Kelce is best than Kittle. Should I trade Fournette and Everett for Kittle? Fournlette ROS look little tough than I expected. The Kittle owner really needs a RB very badly. I would use Kelce or Kittle as trade bait. 8 teams full PR QB - Winston, Brissett RB - Cook, Fournetee, Jacobs, Montgomery, mattinson WR - Adams, Allen, DJ Moore, Ridley, DK, MJones TE Kelce, Everett K Syle, Myers D 49ers
  9. I am tempted to get Minshew as my third QB since I don't see Winston and Brissett carrying my team that far. I hope I am wrong about it. I don't realize that Minshew has his points more than Winston and Brissett. Foles might be back and play games that hurt Minshew. Should I get Minshew? Carr? Cousins? If so, I would release Browns defense. 8 teams full PPR QB Winston, Brissett RB Cook, Fournette, Jacobs, DMontgomery, Mattinson WR Adams, KAllen, DJMoore, Woods, Ridley TE Kelce, Everett K Syle, Myers D 49ers, Browns
  10. Brissett has soft schedule if you look for ROS. He already had his bye which is huge advantage. I am not sure about Mayfield but after the Patriots, the schedule is pretty open that should help him to do better. I like Cousins depend on matchups.
  11. Got trade offered by sending Cook and Adams for CMC and Beckham. I would love to have CMC but Beckham seem have soft schedule depend on how Mayfield does. The huge advantage is both of them already had bye while Cook and Adams not. He has Lockett and Tate. Should I take him instead of Beckham? Which has better side? QB - Winston, Brissett RB - Cook, Fournette, Jacobs, DMontgomery, Mathinson, Singletary WR - Adams, Allen, DJ Moore, Ridley, Woods TE - Kelce, Everett K -Syle D - 49ers, Browns