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  1. One of the best waiver wire adds this season. Crazy good.
  2. I would not give up embiid for porzingas after last night, what're you smoking?
  3. Easily dmc and bledsoe, whoever said yes in this thread don't know fantasy.
  4. where as ulis has 13/5/1, lmao the salt ITT will be unreal soon
  5. so you used one of your precious 32 moves for mike fcking james? lmao are you serious? bro thats terrible, get a grip
  6. go grab him before you regret it. How is he still on the wire? your league must not be competitive.
  7. you sound sad you missed out on ulis. Its okay buddy
  8. im laughing at all the people that fell for the hype on this guy. He's garbage
  9. He's worth it though, he's the best fantasy player bar the injury risks.