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  1. You are correct about that
  2. Have you actually looked at the trade?
  3. I d veto that but I would leave it to the league to vote on it, it is preposterous but not THAT preposterous 😀 I have seen worse
  4. I am the LM and he proposed George for my Cj and I accepted, leaving it to be voted by the league. The trade is not that unbalanced. He was kicked out and i canceled the trade. Regarding the vetoed trade, you are out of your mind, that trade was a clear veto, for at least 10 reasons. End of story.
  5. All this drama...that was a clear veto in MY league, there are plenty of leagues dude, stop being a child, you make no sense, all that god damn post for an f-ing fantasy vetoed trade. Move on
  6. Thank you all for helping out. I now kicked both players as they turn into drama queens and another inactive owner, so I am looking for 3 decent replacement, if someone is interested, please let me know.